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[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux 9.04 Beta: Early Glimpse

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Jackalope sighting: first look at Ubuntu 9.04 beta

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu 9.04, codenamed Jaunty Jackalope, has reached the beta stage. Ars hops 
| onto the new beta release to see how it performs. 


Ubuntu 9.0.4 ScreenShots Beta

,----[ Quote ]
| Here is my 3rd installment of the 9.0.4 Beta ScreenShots. My first ScreenShot 
| was Kubuntu and then my 2nd one was Xubuntu. Finally I get to 



Ubuntu 9.04 Alpha 6, the Acer and the Dell

,----[ Quote ]
| While waiting about today for some lunch, I wrote part of this post on the
| AA1 in the text editor (since Bloggers interpretation of HTML is kinda sucky)
| and it was really nice to have the AA1 up on Ubuntu 9.04 with the Netbook
| desktop. Fast, full featured, and if the usage is slightly different, much
| easier once used to it on the 1024x600 screen. Several people stopped by to
| ask about the unit and see how it worked... although one of them was because
| I have an Apple sticker on the lid. That would be nice: an Apple Netbook.
| Everything I have read says that is not going to happen though. In the
| meantime, this all works pretty well. Finally.


Dvorak Likes Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Every so often I take a stab at Linux, to see exactly what I like and do not
| like about the OS. Many of its problems, for me, stem from its inability to
| run on my overloaded hardware, or the occasional driver that makes the OS
| impossible to use without hand-tweaking something or other. That said, I
| seriously like the Ubuntu 8.10 implementation and will now install it
| permanently on my latest machines. It's a winner.

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