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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Pulls Another SCO Against IBM and Linux (via T3)

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Microsoft’s Mainframe Obsession

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft’s name popped up on a few occasions in my article published Monday 
| about I.B.M.’s moves over the last couple of years to keep tight control over 
| the mainframe computer market. As it turns out, Microsoft paid for a study 
| about servers that can emulate mainframes, financed two mainframe emulation 
| companies suing I.B.M on antitrust grounds and sponsored a trade group 
| critical of I.B.M.’s decision to buy its most significant competitor in the 
| mainframe market.      
| In the past, Microsoft has also enjoyed a cozy relationship with the SCO 
| Group, which has sued I.B.M.  


Rivals Say I.B.M. Stifles Competition to Mainframes 

,----[ Quote ]
| In a paper commissioned by Microsoft examining the alternative mainframe 
| technologies, Walter F. Tichy, a professor of computer science at the 
| University of Karlsruhe in Germany, concluded that, as a result of I.B.M.’s 
| actions, “customers have been denied the benefits of technological innovation 
| and must instead pay above-market prices for I.B.M. mainframe solutions and 
| premium wages for a dwindling mainframe workforce.”     



IBM mainframe acquisition raises antitrust concerns

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM has acquired Platform Solutions Inc., a vendor of mainframes and other
| computer hardware, in a move that raised antitrust concerns among members of
| one IT trade group....
| An IBM spokesman downplayed the CCIA's concerns. IBM has focused on making
| its mainframes open servers that run open technologies such as Linux and
| Java, said spokesman Tim Breuer. Applications that run on IBM's mainframes
| run on other major servers, he said.



Microsoft to IBM: Tolerate PSI Mainframes or Quit Europe

,----[ Quote ]
| If you think Microsoft has an aversion to Article 82 of the European Treaty,
| the anti-monopoly law that forced it to open some Windows server APIs and
| also to live with others' media players on desktops, think again. Microsoft
| is backing Platform Solutions (PSI) in an Article 82 action that could loosen
| IBM's grip on the mainframe. If PSI is given the keys to every glass house in
| Europe, Microsoft will be one of its principal guests. In fact, PSI could get
| more from IBM than it wanted when it first announced mainframe-compatible
| systems.Last November 27, PSI announced that it had raised more than $37
| million in additional capital, and that one of the companies in the deal was
| Microsoft. Other investors in PSI include Intel, Blueprint Ventures, Goldman
| Sachs, InterWest Partners, and InvestCorp.          


Enterprise Unix Roundup: EU vs. Microsoft vs. IBM  

,----[ Quote ]
| Over on IT Jungle, I just read an interesting story about how Microsoft is
| (by proxy) cleverly using the same law that was just smacked over its head
| for Windows market dominance against IBM's mainframe base in Europe.  
| The story, by Hesh Wiener, is a fascinating look into the world of
| litigation-as-business-strategy, and details the complaint filed by Platform
| Solutions (PSI) against IBM for violating Article 82 of the European
| Commission (EC) Treaty. The complaint was filed, according to a Dec. 18
| Reuters story, way back on Oct. 19.    



Did Microsoft ruin SCO?

,----[ Quote ]
| Which comes to the scenario in mind. Gates approaches McBride and puts forth
| a proposition that SCO should try and make money out of Linux. He offers to
| bankroll the operation in a backhanded manner and then steps back to watch
| the action unfold. His reasoning for doing this? To have a test run before he
| puts Microsoft through the same paces. Either way he wins.    

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