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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Cripples Windows and Loses Money

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Microsoft: Crippleware for Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| So, your Win7 netbook will have to be fat enough to carry the full bloat of 
| Windows 7, but Microsoft will simply block most of it from working. And limit 
| you to three applications. If you're like me, you keep your web browser and 
| email open constantly, so that really means you can run only one application 
| at a time. Did they learn nothing from the "Vista Capable" fiasco?    
| Of course, Microsoft wants your netbook experience to be miserable, so they 
| can stick you for upgrade fees. It's classic "bait and switch" marketing. You 
| buy the netbook in the store because it looks cool and has a low price, get 
| it home, and find out it's nearly useless. What are you going to do? Throw it 
| away, or shell out another few hundred so that your purchase doesn't become 
| an embarassing doorstop?     


Good-Bye XP. Hello Windows 7

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is now hanging on to their desktop market-share and gained netbook 
| market-share because they re-released XP Home, but it's a Pyrrhic victory. 
| The reason XP Home is so popular on netbooks isn't that it's better than 
| Linux, it's because Microsoft is essentially giving XP Home away to netbook 
| vendors. Microsoft can't afford to keep giving away its products, so XP needs 
| to die as fast as possible so they can start selling users on Windows 7.     



Why Palm’s WebOS Could Shake up the Netbook World

,----[ Quote ]
| 1. WebOS is the most attractive and intuitive Linux OS. Ever. Yes,
| distributions like Ubuntu and Linux Mint look nice, and I’m sure Android will
| make some waves in the netbook arena (Asus is rumored to be working on a
| system) but WebOS is far and away the most consumer-friendly mobile OS I’ve
| seen. It just looks polished and slick–and no offense–doesn’t feel like
| you’re using Linux. Given that Microsoft is considering selling crippled
| netbooks with a Starter edition of Windows 7 that can run only three apps
| simultaneously (presumably in the hopes of upselling to a premium version)
| Dell or another PC manufacturer would be wise to either inquire about
| licensing WebOS or acquire Palm outright.


Google Android to dominate netbooks--Ovum

,----[ Quote ]
| Google's Android operating system is expected to become the dominant platform
| for low-cost netbooks, industry analyst firm Ovum said.


Android-powered netbooks predicted for 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Android-powered netbooks will emerge in 2009, analysts are predicting.
| According to market watchers Ovum, Google's mobile OS could become the
| platform of choice for lower-end mini laptops, rather than full-fat flavors
| of Linux traditionally associated with the desktop, such as Ubuntu.


Google’s Android May Challenge Microsoft in Portables

,----[ Quote ]
| Google started Android in 2007 as part of an industry effort to create a free
| software system for phones. Based on the Linux operating system, Android is
| open to any programmer who wants to develop features for it. T-Mobile USA
| Inc., the fourth- biggest wireless carrier in the U.S., offers an Android
| phone called the G1.


Comment: Android beyond the phone

,----[ Quote ]
| Look out, Microsoft, I'm seeing signs that Google's Android could wind up in
| netbooks, digital picture frames and a host of embedded devices as a
| friendly, app-rich face for Linux.
| In this recession-battered economy, designers will turn to open source code
| whenever they can. After all, Windows is often one of the most expensive
| components in a system, prompting some to dub it the Redmond tax.


The Android Developer Experience

,----[ Quote ]
| With the success of the Apple iPhone, a new surge of development
| opportunities has arisen in the consumer mobile computing space. However, due
| to Apple's walled garden approach, some developers have been less compelled
| to spend a lot of time investigating its SDK.

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