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[News] How to Move Techno-Dinosaurs to Free Software

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Introducing pointy-haired bosses to FOSS

,----[ Quote ]
| The plain truth is that although most managers may have heard of Open Source, 
| they don't have a clue what it is or how it works. Most of them think it is 
| something like public domain software, stuff you can get for free, without 
| warranty and without support. So the first thing you have to do is to tell 
| them you can get support from reputable parties like Oracle, IBM, Novell and 
| RedHat. If you're not happy with their support, you can change with more ease 
| than you could with closed source software.      
| Some CIOs are completely unaware that these parties provide updates. They 
| think you have to monitor a multitude of websites or CVSes, search for the 
| newest versions, download a tarball and recompile it. I always tell them 
| jokingly: "Well, I don't know what I've been getting all these months, but it 
| seemed like patches".    



Nasdaq erases 2009 losses, turns positive for year

,----[ Quote ]
| Leading the tech charge was Red Hat Inc. Shares of the open-source software
| company soared 17.3% after it reported better-than-expected sales.


Red Hat returns to the Linux desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| Does this mean that Red Hat will be getting back into the Linux desktop
| business? That's the question I posed to Red Hat CTO Brian Stevens, in a
| phone call after the Red Hat/KVM press conference, and he told me that, "Yes.
| Red Hat will indeed be pushing the Linux desktop again."

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