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[News] New Ubuntu Newsletter and Magazine

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Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 135

,----[ Quote ]
| Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #135 for the week March 22nd - 
| March 28th, 2009. In this issue we cover: Ubuntu 9.04 Beta Released, Jaunty 
| Countdown Banners, Ubuntu 7.10 reaches EOL April 18th, Ubuntu Server 
| dedicated course, QA Team Testing Day: Ubuntu Installers, Ubuntu Makassar, 
| Ubuntu Tunisia, Ubuntu New York, Ubuntu LoCo Drupal 6.3.1 released, Launchpad 
| Maintenance April 1st, Linking project releases in Launchpad to Milestones, 
| LinkedIn for Ubuntu Members, Ubuntu 9.04 Free Culture Showcase Winners, The 
| Fridge needs a new theme, LWN subscription for Ubuntu Members, Ubuntu Podcast 
| #23 and an interview with John Pugh(Canonical Technical Partner Mgr.), Full 
| Circle Magazine #23, March 2009 Team Reports, and much, much more!         


Issue 23

,----[ Quote ]
| This month:
| * Command and Conquer - Troubleshooting.
| * How-To : Program in C - Part 7, Web Development - Part 4, and Spreading 
|   Ubuntu - Part 2. 
| * My Story - Becoming An Ubuntu User
| * Book Review - How To Be A Geek Goddess
| * MOTU Interview - Steve Stalcup
| * Top 5 - Task Managers
| * PLUS: all the usual goodness…



Linux s'il vous plaît: French Gendarmie say oui to Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| The Gendarmie Nationale – France’s national police force – has been slowly
| introducing open source software to its 105,000+ policemen since 2005. In
| 2008 the decision was made to use only Ubuntu for all new workstations. A
| year on shows this has been a great success with happy users, a better
| network and cost savings of over seven million euro per year.


FR: Gendarmerie saves millions with open desktop and web applications


French Lawmakers Hope to Inspire Linux Revolution

,----[ Quote ]
| If the French National Assembly gets its way, the open-source Linux operating
| system will take over the governments of Europe, seizing on a weak economy to
| displace Windows.
| About 18 months ago, the Assembly shifted from running Windows on the 1,100
| computers of its members and their assistants to running a version of Linux
| called Ubuntu. (I profiled the rise of Ubuntu in a recent article.) According
| to Rudy Salles, vice president of the assembly, the decision to abandon
| Microsoft’s Windows software was both an economic and political gesture.
| The French Parliament should save about 500,000 euros over the next five
| years, thanks to the low price of Ubuntu –- free –- and have lower management
| costs. Linux tends to have fewer security issues than Windows, for example.

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