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[News] Snapshots of Next Month's Ubuntu GNU/Linux Release

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Ubuntu 9.04 Wallpaper: No Jackalope

,----[ Quote ]
| The last few Ubuntu Linux released featured background and artwork that 
| depicted the versions codename. For example when Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron was 
| released we enjoyed the abstract bird-like background and then Ubuntu 8.10 
| Intrepid Ibex brought us the Ibex background which wasn’t too bad. As Ubuntu 
| 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope Alpha version rolled out users enjoyed new login 
| screen, themes and the new boot splash theme. I was sure we’d be commenting 
| about a new Jackalope background any day now. Now as I preview the release of 
| Ubuntu 9.04 Beta codenamed Jaunty Jackalope, I see no Jackalope background. 
| Instead it looks like Ubuntu has added a stylish background that favors the 
| same theme colors as previous versions but gives off a professional vibe. I’m 
| both excited for the new look but disappointed in the lack of a Jackalope 
| background.           


Yet another Jaunty beta screenshot

,----[ Quote ]
| All in all I give it the same endorsement I give to any other Gnome Ubuntu 
| beta release, which is to say, “Use it if you prefer it.” I’m more interested 
| in Kubuntu really, because I prefer KDE over Gnome if I’m forced to suffer 
| through a heavyweight desktop. Maybe I’ll download that next.   



Ubuntu 9.04 Alpha 6, the Acer and the Dell

,----[ Quote ]
| While waiting about today for some lunch, I wrote part of this post on the
| AA1 in the text editor (since Bloggers interpretation of HTML is kinda sucky)
| and it was really nice to have the AA1 up on Ubuntu 9.04 with the Netbook
| desktop. Fast, full featured, and if the usage is slightly different, much
| easier once used to it on the 1024x600 screen. Several people stopped by to
| ask about the unit and see how it worked... although one of them was because
| I have an Apple sticker on the lid. That would be nice: an Apple Netbook.
| Everything I have read says that is not going to happen though. In the
| meantime, this all works pretty well. Finally.


Mandriva 2009 ScreenShots RC2

,----[ Quote ]
| For you Microsoft Windows Users, I think I feel I finally found a Linux OS
| that I can say that my wife will use and not get confused..... I had her
| using this distro for a couple of hours and she really enjoyed it except that
| it is missing the Ubuntu Fire Fox plugin that makes installing plugins so
| easy :(.  But Mandriva's Control Panel is so like Windows Control Panel so
| Windows users do not fret and feel safe using Mandriva.


Mandriva 2009 RC2 KDE4

,----[ Quote ]
| I installed Mandriva 2009 RC2 KDE4 "One" edition from the live CD and am
| fairly pleased.


KDE 4's artwork is really a giant leap forward on all fronts

,----[ Quote ]
| kscd (KDE's audio cd player) can be skinned in KDE 4. Unfortunately, all
| skins look similar to this...


Not to be the default menu [Lancelot]

,----[ Quote ]
| I have seen the proposals to replace the default Kickoff menu with Lancelot
| on a quite a few places now (the latest, which triggered me to write my
| stance on the subject, was a proposal on the (K)ubuntu brainstorm site).
| In a nutshell, I’m against the idea. I was since the start (see for yourself
| in earlier blog posts and comments on commit-digest), and I don’t see I’ll
| change my mind in the foreseeable future.
| There are a couple of reasons for this, some of them technical, and some
| personal.


Mandriva 2009/KDE 4.1 Revisited

,----[ Quote ]
| As Mandriva prepares for its 2009 release, I've been updating Mandriva 2009
| daily from their "cooker" (development) repository ever since I installed a
| beta version a few weeks ago. Last night's update was massive, with an update
| of over 350 packages.


Mandriva Linux 2009 RC 2

,----[ Quote ]
| The second (and final) release candidate for Mandriva Linux 2009, code named
| sophie, is now available. There is information about the new release in
| various places:
|     * Mandriva Linux 2009 release notes: these will be updated to reflect the
|       status of the current pre-release.
|     * Mandriva Linux 2009 Errata: these will be updated to reflect the status
|       of the current pre-release.

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