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[News] World is Ready to Get Rid of Windows and Move to GNU/Linux

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The World Beyond Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| It is hard to say, what would really happen, if Microsoft vanished. It would 
| pose a giant problem, induce a crisis, recession maybe, maybe even deep 
| cleansing - almost alike greek catharsis. Maybe a return to the roots, or 
| total collapse of civilization. Or maybe the life would anyway go on ? The 
| software creators would have to revisit their approach to work they do. There 
| is life beyond Visual Studio, MSDN and DirectX, you know.     



Ease into Linux from windows.

,----[ Quote ]
| So many times people have told me that they don't want to
| use Linux because it is too big of a leap. They say that
| there is too much to learn at once. That is not true.
| Most of the common programs you will use in Linux also have
| their windows counterparts. In other words the exact same
| program you have in Linux you can also use in windows. So
| there is no need to bite the bullet and jump into the deep
| end straight away.
| If you wish to migrate yourself, or your company, from
| windows to Linux with minimum pain and suffering then you
| can do it in stages. What this means is, at a pace you are
| comfortable with, start using multiplatform programs.

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