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[News] Monsters vs. Aliens Powered by GNU/Linux

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Monsters vs. Aliens: DreamWorks' Katzenberg shows DVICE 3D filmmaking has

,----[ Quote ]
| Although the DreamWorks Animation artists get their work done on a vast 
| campus that we toured today, the data processing for the film was done in a 
| 3,500-square-foot data center (which they wouldn't let us photograph), packed 
| with hundreds of blade computers running the Unix-based Linux operating 
| system. Keeping it all cool and running 24/7 is an achievement in itself, for 
| which DreamWorks engineers say the U.S. Department of Energy commended them 
| for their uncanny efficiency.      



DreamWorks to bake 3D flicks on desert cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| In a sign of the economic times, DreamWorks Animation has inked a deal with
| the New Mexico Computing Applications Center to use spare capacity to help
| render its 3D films.
| [...]
| The whole shebang runs Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 and SGI's
| ProPack 5 extensions for HPC workloads. On the Linpack Fortran benchmark
| test, it has a sustained performance of 133.2 teraflops. According to
| Governor Bill Richardson's office - which made the announcement of the
| DreamWorks deal - this makes Encanto the largest non-federal supercomputer in
| the world.


Microsoft's Allen sells DreamWorks Animation stake

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has sold all of his remaining shares in
| DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc.


Microsoft's Allen sells DreamWorks Animation stake


DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda created with Linux-based HP workstations

,----[ Quote ]
| DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda, which opened today, June 6, 2008, was
| created entirely on Linux-based Hewlett Packard workstations. The digital
| studio has been using HP workstations since 2001 successfully on its films.
| Ed Leonard, CTO at DreamWorks Animation discusses the company's digital
| workflow, history of the HP-DreamWorks alliance, and the benefit of
| multi-core processing systems.



DreamWorks wins an award for its innovative use of Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Behind that effort sits Ed Leonard, chief technology officer at DreamWorks,
| who has been recognized for his work with an Annie Award for "promoting the
| Linux open system for animation in animation studios and gaming software
| development."  


DreamWorks Animation "Shrek the Third": Linux Feeds an Ogre

,----[ Quote ]
| All the big film studios primarily use Linux for animation and 
| visual effects. Perhaps no commercial Linux installation is larger 
| than DreamWorks Animation, with more than 1,000 Linux desktops and 
| more than 3,000 server CPUs.


ed Hat Summit 2007, Day 2: Red Hat Exchange and interesting presentations

,----[ Quote ]
| As the cost per hour has gone down and the number of hours required
| to meet an accelerated production schedule has gone up, DreamWorks'
| use of Linux has become more and more integral to the company's
| operation. It began running Linux only on the rendering machines,
| but today Linux runs on DreamWorks desktops and servers alike.

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