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[News] GNU/Linux Recommended for Aged Machines

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Small Linux a great system for old machines with little space

,----[ Quote ]
| You can download your own copy at http://damnsmalllinux.org/. You can burn it 
| to a CD and run it from that, or run it from a USB drive, or install it on 
| your hard drive. Of course, if you have no computer yet, you'll have to do 
| that at a friend's. Once you've got it running, you can surf the Web, get 
| your e-mail, play music, burn a CD, write a book and a hundred other things.    
| Be prepared to take some time to get used to the new way of working. As I 
| always say, using a new operating system is like driving a different car: You 
| still know how to drive; it just takes a while to learn where all the 
| controls are. Give yourself some time, and before you know it, you'll be 
| zipping around.    
| The big benefit, of course, is that you're running Linux. While you can't let 
| your guard down, you'll be much safer from viruses and other problems when 
| you're wandering around the Internet.  


Days ago:

Is there life after Windows?

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux is free, easy-to-use and is shedding its geeky image, thanks to fans
| who prefer it to Microsoft's mighty operating systems. But is it for
| everyone? Jamie Merrill asks four rookies to put it to the test
| [...]
| "If you talk to a lot of Windows users and ask them what they use, they
| say, 'I'm using Firefox and OpenOffice,' and if you boot up, say, Linux
| Ubuntu, a community-developed, Linux-based operating system created for
| laptops, desktops and servers, both those tools are there, so it's familiar
| territory, totally safe and free. So the question should 'why not use
| Linux?'".

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