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[News] OpenMoko and Other Free Software Phones Get Very Good

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Openmoko to Present FreeRunner Embedded Mobile Platform at Special Session
During Embedded Systems Conference

,----[ Quote ]
| Sean Moss-Pultz, CEO of Openmoko, will talk about the FreeRunner in an 
| interview with Bill Gatliff, Contributing Editor for Embedded Systems 
| Programming Magazine, and a presenter and member of the Advisory Panel for 
| the Embedded Systems. Following the interview, TechInsights, organizers of 
| the Embedded Systems Conference, and Openmoko will give away an Openmoko 
| FreeRunner to five audience members. Openmoko is also offering a show 
| special, reducing the price of the FreeRunner from $399 to $299 for 30 days.       


Open source meets mobile

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla is looking for feedback from developers and users, who increasingly 
| expect their mobile browsers to deliver a near-desktop experience. For 
| example, Fennec features add-on support, as well as the ability to edit 
| bookmark folders. Fennec will be using the TraceMonkey JavaScript compiler to 
| produce quicker startup times on applications as well as faster panning and 
| zooming. Mozilla is apparently shooting for a release by the end of this 
| year; we can't wait to see this fox in action.      


It's an important piece for a Free software (not just Linux) phone.


OpenMoko Smart Phone: Open Linux, Open Hardware, No Britney Spears

,----[ Quote ]
| Imagine owning a smart phone that you can hack just as freely as a PC.
| OpenMoko is an embedded Linux-based mobile platform, and the Neo Freerunner
| is OpenMoko's slick little touch-screen smart phone that runs OpenMoko. It's
| not really intended for the mass-market "just make it work and don't bother
| me" demographic, but for power users and developers. Unlike other mobile
| platforms that are open in buzzword only, OpenMoko is a genuinely open
| hardware and software platform. I had a great conversation with Sean
| Moss-Pultz, the CEO of OpenMoko, who was kind enough to still be awake and
| coherent at 1am in his time zone.


Openmoko FreeRunner Android in Blurry Spy-Shot Shocker

,----[ Quote ]
| The specs are unsurprising -- a 400MHz Samsung 2442 SoC
| processor, microSD card slot, a 2.8" touch screen and
| memory expandable up to 16GB. There appears to be no
| camera, but everything else – music and video playback, for
| example – should be taken care of in software. Such is the
| beauty of the new wave of open (or open-ish, in the case of
| the iPhone) platforms which can be customized at your
| leisure.

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