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[News] 3-D Free Software Drivers from AMD - Demos

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Open-Source R600 OpenGL Support May Come Soon

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| As AMD is still working on code review and obtaining permission to push out 
| different pieces of code, much of the OpenGL work has been going on behind 
| the scenes in a private code repository rather than in the open and needing 
| to get permission before each commit. AMD's John Bridgman shared this morning 
| on the RadeonHD IRC channel that the OpenGL work is not finished yet but "a 
| bunch of things work" and he hopes to be able to get the R600/700 Mesa code 
| pushed into the public tree over the next week or so.       


AMD Catalyst 9.3 For Linux Brings OpenGL Composite Support

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| While the Catalyst driver for Windows was released a number of days ago, the 
| Catalyst Linux driver was missing. It has, however, been released today. 
| AMD's Linux engineers ended up delaying the Catalyst 9.3 release so they 
| could spend additional time tuning this driver, since it will be the last 
| release that supports the R300 through R500 series as the support is being 
| dropped. The significant feature that was pushed back into the Catalyst 9.3 
| Linux driver is improved Composite support.      



Khronos cranks out new OpenGL 3.1 spec

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| THE KHRONOS GROUP, chaired by Nvidia crony Neil Trevett, has released OpenGL
| 3.1 – the cross-platform, royalty-free API for 3D graphics – at GDC in San
| Francisco today.
| Version 3.1 of OpenGL includes a new version of the OpenGL shading language –
| GLSL1.40 – and has better programmability, more efficient vertex processing,
| expanded texturing functionality and increased buffer management flexibility.
| Arguably the best thing about OpenGL 3.1, as the name indicates, is
| its 'openness', with multiple vendors signing up and jumping on the
| bandwagon. In fact, analyst Jon Peddie reckons over 100 million computer
| units already have an installed base of graphics hardware that will support
| OpenGL 3.1, while OpenGL 3.0 drivers are already shipping on AMD, Nvidia and
| S3 GPUs.


OpenGL 3.1 Released Plus New Audio Standard

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