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[News] Copyright Cartel in the UK Faced with Sobering Reality

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Debating Copyright Extension In The UK

,----[ Quote ]
| Shane Richmond, who writes about technology and media for the Telegraph, 
| recently handed over his blog to Martin Kretschmer and Horace Trubrudge for a 
| debate about copyright extension (which is currently being discussed in the 
| UK). Kretschmer is an intellectual property professor who is against 
| copyright extension, while Trubrudge is the Assistant General Secretary of 
| the British Musicians' Union, and (not surprisingly) favors copyright 
| extension. You can read the back and forth as follows...      



British Government Violates Copyright

,----[ Quote ]
| As much as I utterly despise the entire premise of Intellectual Monopoly,
| this is about violating the principles of a Free License, and if it's good
| enough for the British government to violate our civil rights in the name of
| Intellectual Monopoly, then it's good enough for the Free World to protect
| its "property" (in fact Freedom) too…


K government stole website theme

,----[ Quote ]
| NUMBER 10, the UK Prime Minister's website, is apparently built using a
| design it nicked.


Number 10 and the Creative Commons

,----[ Quote ]
| I can only assume that Number 10 have requested, and received, permission of
| the author to remove all traces of this license and attribution from their
| Wordpress site. I have left a “contact us message” at the author’s website to
| see if this is the case…
| [Update] Anthony Baggett, the theme’s author, has just confirmed that No 10
| have not requested that the attribution be removed. That’s not playing fair
| by my book.


More on Number 10’s website fiasco

,----[ Quote ]
| The original stylesheet4 is 612 lines in length and is 9234 bytes in size
| (9KB).
| The modified stylesheet5 is 3826 lines long and weighs in at a frankly
| astonishing 63724 bytes (63KB)!
| [...]
| “If” the developers have modified the Wordpress engine, as is being suggested
| as a possibility here, and then sold it to the Government, in my humble
| understanding that means they have distributed their modifications. That
| means those modifications must also be licensed under the GPL. I had a quick
| look on New Media Maze’s web site and couldn’t find an area for software
| downloads or mention of the GPL. That doesn’t say anything to be honest and
| there might be nothing to this, but it would be interesting to find out a bit
| more… Is there a real Wordpress guru who can look at the “footprint” of the
| XHTML the site generates and tell if it is different? Or are there any other
| ways to tell if it has been modified?
| Anyway, what a wheez this all is for us bloggers: It just isn’t Gordon’s year
| is it…


UK Government To Force ISPs To Become Copyright Cops

,----[ Quote ]
| Like other industry trade groups around the world, the British Phonographic
| Industry, that country's RIAA equivalent, has been pushing for British ISPs
| to become its copyright cops, something a number of ISPs have refused to do.
| After some threatening noises from British politicians, some ISPs relented,
| and now, the government is set go all the way by forcing the ISPs to play
| ball.


BT to cut off file-sharing customers

,----[ Quote ]
| This follows a similar move by Virgin, which earlier this year joined forces
| with the BPI on an 'education campaign' aimed at those sharing copyrighted
| files.
| [...]
| ISPs have been under pressure from the government to work with the music
| industry in targeting illegal file sharers this year. Ministers have even
| threatened to introduce anti-filesharing legislation if a solution is not
| reached.

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