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[News] The MAFIAA Mobsters Attack Kids with Cancer

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The RIAA vs. 19 Year Old Cancer Patient

,----[ Quote ]
| Among the RIAA's latest targets in its campaign to sue its customer base into 
| submission is a 19-year-old cancer patient. Ciaro Sauro was ruled a music 
| pirate after failing to defend herself in court against charges from the RIAA 
| that she was sharing music files online. Ms. Sauro has said she couldn't 
| defend herself as she is hospitalized once a week, and vehemently denies the 
| allegations that she is a pirate.     


Why the RIAA will lose in Court

,----[ Quote ]
| Throughout history, major steps in the progress of nations have come about 
| through landmark court cases. Whether we take the Dreyfus’s case in France, 
| or the slew of court decisions in the United States in the 60s to end racial 
| prejudice, we see that when public opinion reaches a boiling point, then the 
| law itself changes in a rational way to accommodate the new sense of right 
| and wrong.     



SXSW 2009 on BitTorrent: 6 GB of Free Music

,----[ Quote ]
| The South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival is one of the largest and most
| popular in the United States. For the fifth year in a row, SXSW has released
| a DRM-free, RIAA-safe collection of songs totaling 6 GB, which can all be
| downloaded for free, thanks to BitTorrent.


EU Invests $22 Million in Next-Generation BitTorrent Client

,----[ Quote ]
| A few weeks ago we reported that the EU Greens launched a pro-filesharing
| campaign named “I Wouldn’t Steal”. In a continued effort to support the
| development of P2P technology, the European Union has now invested $22
| million in the development of an open-source BitTorrent client.


Linux-driven BitTorrent appliance ships

,----[ Quote ]
| Myka is shipping an embedded Linux device that downloads, stores, and plays
| BitTorrent media files on an attached TV. Available in 80GB, 160GB, and 500GB
| models, plus a Developer's Edition with a 1TB disk, the Myka appliances
| offload BitTorrent peer-to-peer duties from a PC.

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