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[News] Google Improves Python, Adds Java Programming to Application Server

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Google searches for holy grail of Python performance

,----[ Quote ]
| Google's Python engineers have launched a new project called Unladen Swallow 
| that seeks to improve the performance of the Python programming language. One 
| of the project's goals is to replace the Python virtual machine with an 
| LLVM-based JIT.   


Java: Coming Soon to Google’s App Engine

,----[ Quote ]
| Google will soon announce comprehensive support for the Java programming 
| language on its Google App Engine (GAE) offering. We are trying to get more 
| details. Rumors of such a development emerged last year, but we can now 
| confirm that it is going to happen. We have have confirmed the news and 
| expect the announcement later this spring, perhaps at the much-vaunted Google 
| I/O event on May 27-28th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. A Google 
| spokesperson declined to comment.       



Google Jumps Head First Into Web Services With Google App Engine

,----[ Quote ]
| One current limitation is a requirement that applications be written in 
| Python, a popular scripting language for building modern web apps (Ruby and 
| PHP are among others widely used). Google says that Python is just the first 
| supported language, and that the entire infrastructure is designed to be 
| language neutral.    


Python Fans Take Aim at the Enterprise

,----[ Quote ]
| After years in the shadows, the open source Python programming language is 
| becoming increasingly mainstream. There are more users and more tools. 
| Backers of Python now argue that Python is ready for the enterprise.  
| [...]
| "Many businesses see the software development world in terms of Visual Basic, 
| Java, and C/C++/C#. Some simply aren't aware of Python, yet, " Goodger 
| argued. "Any competent programmer can easily learn Python and be productive 
| within a few hours or days at most."    

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