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[News] True Hacker Gets Along in Scientific Environment

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Studying in an institute

,----[ Quote ] 
| It is very hard to study in such environment. Most works I can complete using 
| free GNU Octave instead of MatLab, Maxima or SAGE instead of MathCad, Gnuplot 
| for building graphs and QCad instead of AutoCAD and assure teachers that 
| there is no need in proprietary, expensive, unreliable software and I can 
| successfully use the free one instead. I can say that I have got no money to 
| purchase most of this software. They can give it to me, but nearly all of it 
| requires Microsoft Windows to work. Problems can appear even when teachers 
| give task itself… again in closed proprietary Word or MathCad format. They 
| can refuse to talk with me, because I deny using of proprietary software on 
| my computers, I can not afford it, I do not trust it and in best case I 
| forced to run it in virtual machine or separate computers, because I have got 
| valuable documents and information on my PC. And currently I am not talking 
| about the ethical and social aspect of such doings: only about price, safety 
| of my information, compatibility with other software, legal use of it (I do 
| not want to be offender).              


We are all makers and hackers

,----[ Quote ]
| In the beginning, the word "hacker" had nothing to do with hi-tech crime.
| Rather than describe a criminal who uses technology to defraud people it was 
| a badge of honour, a mark that someone had a deep understanding of a 
| technical subject - such as computer code.  
| Hackers were those that took things apart, saw how they worked and tried to 
| make them better as they put them back together. Many hi-tech historians 
| argue that without hackers there would be no internet.   


And the next day the MSBBC calls crackers "hackers".


42 of the Best Free Linux Scientific Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Science is the effort of trying to understand how the physical world works.
| From observation and experimentation, science uses physical evidence of
| natural phenomena to compile data and analyze the collated information.
| Science really prospers and advances when individuals share the results of
| their experiments with others in the scientific community. There is a certain
| logic that scientific software should therefore be released in a freely
| distributable environment.


Scientific Linux 5.2 Live CD Works in Persistent Mode

,----[ Quote ]
| Compared with the previous version, Scientific Linux 5.2 Live CD/DVD works in
| persistent mode, which means that it will store/restore your settings if you
| run it from an USB flash drive. Also, this new feature will allow you to
| carry the USB stick with you, and boot from it whenever you need a stable and
| reliable operating system.

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