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[News] Onboard GNU/Linux Changes the Game

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The case for a secondary motherboard OS

,----[ Quote ]
| Flash memory prices have tumbled in recent years, which has been good for MP3 
| players, cell phones, SSDs, and the now-ubiquitous USB thumb drive. Falling 
| flash prices have also been good for motherboards, allowing Asus to cheaply 
| equip some of its latest models with 512MB memory chips that house an 
| ExpressGate instant-on operating system that's—you guessed it—based on Linux.    



Hey Presto! Aging laptop turned into speed machine

,----[ Quote ]
| Presto is still in beta and available as a free download from Xandros, which
| plans to charge $20 for the full release version. The only thing daunting
| about it is the size of the download - almost 500mb - but I managed that in
| under half an hour.


HyperSpace Adds ThinkFree: Fastest Booting Office Yet?

,----[ Quote ]
| Phoenix just announced a partnership with Haansoft to include the Java-based
| ThinkFree productivity suite in HyperSpace. This adds the ability to quickly
| boot up and jump right in to a full-featured, Microsoft Office-compatible
| toolset for documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Up till now, your only
| productivity suite option in HyperSpace was for a web-based service like Zoho
| Office or Google Docs.


DEMO 09: Boot Faster, Manage the Cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| First up will be Xandros Presto, which brings an "instant on" feature to
| Windows systems. I've seen many alternative environments on laptops that boot
| very quickly - in seconds rather than the minutes it often takes Windows to
| boot - but typically these are systems that are tied to specific hardware
| and/or have to be installed by the system maker. Presto is different because
| it's a $19.95 application that works on any Windows laptop.

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