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[News] MicroSCOft Uses Pieces of Paper to Vilify & Sue Competition (Linux)

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Linux Barbies Battle the Command Line

,----[ Quote ]
| 'Patents Are FUD'
| "It's sad that Red Hat thinks they need those patents," Montreal consultant 
| and Slashdot blogger Gerhard Mack told LinuxInsider. 
| "The fix is still patent reform, since these patents will only protect Red 
| Hat from companies that actually produce projects, and not patent trolls," 
| Mack added.  
| "I hope 2009 will see the death of software patents before the U.S. Supreme 
| Court," blogger Robert Pogson added. "We need that because the TomTom matter 
| may take years to sort out.  
| "A decisive victory for freedom of software should reduce the threat of 
| patents to a whisper," Pogson told LinuxInsider. "Until that day, patents are 
| FUD that delays adoption of GNU/Linux and increases the cost of having to 
| maintain a defense against these evil spirits   


Microsoft not feeling TomTom Linux patent chill?

,----[ Quote ]
| That said, last year at OSCON, Ramji was quite literally mobbed by the 
| audience after his presentation by attendees that were 'curious' about 
| Microsoft's patent stance. The TomTom case potentially represents Microsoft's 
| first real patent legal attack against Linux and as such, somehow I suspect 
| that eventually that will trigger a chill of some sort.    


Microsoft intentionally does not send out the Ballmers and Horacios. Instead it
sends inexperienced people who will be painted as victims and make Microsoft's
real victims looks like "zealots", like the bad guys.


Strike/Counterstrike: TomTom Sues Microsoft


European Patent Office: Patent Applications Slow As Rejections Rise

,----[ Quote ]
| In a trend appearing in other patent offices around the world, patent
| applications at the European Patent Office continued to rise in 2008, but at
| a slower rate toward the end of year. At the EPO, this was coupled with the
| lowest percentage of granted patents in its history.


TomTom countersues Microsoft in patent dispute

,----[ Quote ]
| TomTom has responded to Microsoft's patent suit by filing a patent claim of
| its own against the software maker.
| The GPS device maker, based in the Netherlands, filed the countersuit in the
| U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia on Thursday.


TomTom Linux impact light hit so far

,----[ Quote ]
| I don’t necessarily see the same effect from the TomTom suit since, at least
| publicly, Microsoft is not making the case that it is Linux on the line. I
| can report that there does not seem to be any slowdown or hesitation in the
| embrace of Linux for embedded devices. Perhaps that is the reason that
| Microsoft has chosen to play down any implications for Linux and open source,
| rather than puff them up as it has done in the past. If Microsoft or anyone
| else challenges the IP integrity of the Linux OS, it is likely to reinforce
| the idea that the open source software is legitimate, licensed, covered by
| copyright, and absolutely appropriate for enterprise, embedded and other
| commercial uses, at least that’s what history tells us.


Experts: Microsoft's FAT licensing terms might violate GPL

,----[ Quote ]
| Under the original FAT licensing program, pricing was US$0.25 per unit with a
| cap on total royalties of $250,000 per manufacturer, according to what had
| been posted on Microsoft’s website from 2003 to July 2006. A Microsoft
| spokesperson could not explain why they were removed or whether those terms
| were applicable to the 18 agreements outlined in the lawsuit.


Microsoft sues TomTom over FAT patents

,----[ Quote ]
| The underlying strategy is very obvious: Make those patent licenses high
| enough to reduce the cost advantage of a Linux based OS over Windows CE and
| thereby demotivate companies from using Linux in the embedded world.
| This has so far happened behind closed doors, but if you google you can find
| a couple of strange press releases of Asian companies buying into those MS
| patent deals for Linux.
| [...]
| I myself, as well as numerous other people in the Free and Open Source world
| are asking themselves how this legal action fits into the
| Microsoft-proclaimed Free Software friendly strategy. As you can see now,
| that was nothing but vapor.

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