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[News] EU and Australia Fight Against MAFIAA's Attempt to Steal the Internet

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Save the European Internet – Write to Your MEPs

,----[ Quote ]
| Things seem to be going from bad to worse with the EU's Telecoms Package. 
| Now, not only do we have to contend with French attempts to push through 
| its “three strikes and you're out” approach again, which the European 
| Parliament threw out, but there are several other amendments that are being 
| proposed that will effectively gut the Internet in Europe.    


Austalian ISP Stands Up For Users In Court -- Claims They're Not Violating

,----[ Quote ]
| Late last year, a bunch of movie studios sued Australian ISP iiNet (which 
| already has a reputation for standing up for its users) for not waving a 
| magic wand and stopping any unauthorized file sharing that occurred among its 
| customers. iiNet responded by pointing out the obvious: if the studios feel 
| they've been wronged, they should take it up with the police, not iiNet. In 
| fact, they said they pass such complaints directly to the police...


So people will encrypt connections. Nothing will be achived other than
fraudulent takedowns. And the ISP bills will go up due to labour costs
(copyright cops).


UK Recording Industry: Investigate Google For Not Giving Us Money

,----[ Quote ]
| Of course, what he really means is that he's finally realizing that Google
| actually has the leverage in this fight. They have the value that musicians
| want: a platform to gain tremendous amounts of attention, that many musicians
| are using to successfully build an audience. That's the value. Google doesn't
| need those music videos to make money, so it's fine without them. But,
| musicians sure could use the boost that YouTube gives them.


French Recording Industry Sues SourceForge For Hosting Open Source P2P

,----[ Quote ]
| It would appear that Société civile des Producteurs de Phonogrammes en France
| (SPPF), a group that represents French record labels, is now trying to sue a
| bunch of non-French file sharing applications, as well as SourceForge.


Network Civilization: Peer-to-Peer and the Rise of Green Capitalism

,----[ Quote ]
| Just as the three quarters of oil engineers now agree that Peak Oil is in
| sight within the next decade (after that, oil production can only decline),
| can we also posit that we may have reached a moment of Peak Hierarchy, a
| moment in history in which it is no longer large centralized organizations
| that are most efficient or productive, but rather those that are organized as
| distributed networks and can draw on peer producting communities?

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