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[News] DRM Fought Against at FTC Level

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Stating the Case Against DRM to the FTC

,----[ Quote ]
| Wednesday, EFF Staff Attorney Corynne McSherry will be testifying at the 
| Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) town hall meeting on digital rights 
| management technologies, or DRM. After years of observing DRM's development, 
| suing Sony for its destructive SecuROM DRM, defending free speech for 
| researchers and bloggers, and speaking out against DRM's use, EFF's stance is 
| quite clear: DRM is harmful to consumers, it undermines competition and 
| innovation, and unnecessarily preempts users' fair uses of copyrighted 
| content -- all while making no appreciable dent in "digital piracy." In fact, 
| generally the only ones who are inconvenienced by DRM are legitimate 
| customers.         


Canadian artists' new/old plan: $5 to share music legally

,----[ Quote ]
| The Songwriters Association of Canada has listened to the criticism of its 
| 2007 plan to legitimize the file-sharing of copyrighted songs, and it's back 
| with Plan 2.0. The big change? Participation for both fans and artists would 
| be voluntary.   



ars technica - Windows DRM? We're ok with that.

,----[ Quote ]
| A recent slashdot article outlined some of the DRM that can be found in the
| new Microsoft stab at relevancy - Windows 7.
| I'm hearing that Vista thing didn't work out so well.
| As a GNU/Linux-only user...one who wouldn't have one byte of MS code on his
| machine, I find the criticism valid...I would no more let Microsoft control
| my computer than I would ever purchase one of their products.

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