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Re: 57 out of 67 posts killed

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> Terry Porter on Friday:
>> Gregory Shearman wrote:
>>> High Plains Thumper wrote:
>>>> Sinister Midget wrote:
>>>>> Chris Ahlstrom claimed:
>>>>> The past few days have been extremely high in number. 
>>>>> Something like 90% most of the time, and maybe even
>>>>> spiking higher. I have a large number of responses
>>>>> killed off (but not all), too, so it's not just the
>>>>> trolls, but their feeders as well.
>>>> Oh, its business as usual for the trolls.  Rather
>>>> pathetic, really.  Since they lack skills in providing
>>>> proper refutation, they resort to accusations, ad
>>>> hominem attacks, libel, lies, Googling for unsupportive
>>>> dirt, ad nauseum, the lusers.
>>> I suppose the mips - open/dd-wrt sshd/telnetd stupid
>>> password to the WAN "supposed" botnet FUD got them all
>>> excited and they thought they were on a winner.... har har
>>> har har har.
>>> 80,000 botnet of Linux mips????
>> Easily. That would just be the ones with telnet and no
>> password probably.
>>> Gee is Linux THAT huge??? Or is it all a good lie?
>> 3 million new embedded Linux devices a day is probably
>> accurate.
> ARM has shipped over 10 billion (processors -> devices).

I'm waiting for an ARM netbook to hit the streets in the US.  I'm
looking for a low cost one to tote with me, take with me on
motorcycle rides, something low powered, a useful appliance.

When I need to do engineering cost estimates, power load
calculations, phase angle calcs, band pass filtration calcs, HF
power loss calcs, field reports, etc., easy to tool along in the

Low powered means I don't have to be near an outlet, can run on
batteries in the field all day, when back in the office recharge.

Quando omni flunkus moritati
(If all else fails, play dead)
- "Red" Green

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