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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Keeps Hijacking VMware with the Help of Tucci

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VMware picks up yet another former Softie

,----[ Quote ]
| At the rate it’s going, VMware is going to be Microsoft’s alumni clubhouse 
| No. 1. 
| On March 24, VMware announced it had hired former Softie Richard McAniff as 
| Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer. McAniff will be 
| responsible for R&D for VMware’s Serer and Desktop Business Units and will 
| report to yet another former Microsoft exec, VMware CEO Paul Maritz.   


VMware adds another former Microsoft executive to its ranks


It's almost as though they tell their former colleagues: "come and join us at
Microsoft's new home, VMware."

The original management it out and Tucci et al take over the operations with
the close ally Steve Ballmer and his former employees/peers.

It's the 'new' VMware, going downhill since Tucci demoted/sacked the CEO of the


EMC Tightens Its Embrace of VMware

,----[ Quote ]
| If EMC does plan to sell off its controlling stake in VMware, the company is
| maintaining a spectacular poker face.
| On Tuesday, EMC held its first broad strategy update in almost three years.
| The company’s chief executive, Joe Tucci, presided over the affair, more than
| half of which centered on the virtualization software sold by VMware.
| [...]
| Mr. Maritz, once a top executive at Microsoft, boasted that VMware has
| shifted towards building a virtual operating system that runs not just
| servers but also storage and networking gear.


VMware taps former Microsoft manager Nielsen as first COO

,----[ Quote ]
| Maybe it's time for VMware to officially set up shop in Seattle. Today, the
| virtualization spin out from EMC announced that former Microsoft and
| Crossgain executive Tod Nielsen is joining the Palo Alto, Calif.-based
| company as chief operating officer.
| He will report directly to former Microsoft vice president and Seattle
| resident Paul Maritz, who took over the CEO post at VMware in July. In fact,
| EMC -- the majority shareholder of VMware -- has been making some very
| interesting moves in the Seattle area recently.



Theory: Why EMC Gave VMWare to Microsoft (Employee)

,----[ Quote ]
| Diane Greene thrown out just a week or so after EMC became Microsoft's
| Partner of the Year

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