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[News] Copyright Cartel Fights Progress, Resistance Emerges

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Why Is The AP Invoking The DMCA Over The Obama Poster?

,----[ Quote ]
| it's claiming that his post violates the DMCA. That should leave you 
| scratching your head, considering that the DMCA seems almost entirely 
| unrelated to Fairey making a poster. But the AP seems to be claiming that in 
| removing the little copyright notice beneath its photo, Fairey violated 
| section 1202.     


Mark Cuban Declares War On Free TV Online... But Misses Out On The Economics

,----[ Quote ]
| Plenty of newspapers did try to charge and almost all of them failed. People 
| were never that interested in paying for news online, and plenty of new 
| sources of news were popping up for free online anyway. Charging was a 
| dead-end model from the beginning -- and to understand why, all you need to 
| do is understand a little basic economics concerning the difference between 
| infinite and scarce goods.      


Open Letter re. Proposed Copyright Term Extension for Sound Recordings

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite this well-nigh universal opposition from IP experts the Commission 
| put forward a proposal last July to extend term from 50 to 95 years 
| (retrospectively as well as prospectively). That proposal is now in the final 
| stages of its consideration by the European Parliament and Council. We can 
| only hope that they will understand the basic point that an extension of the 
| form proposed must inevitably to more harm than good to the welfare of the EU 
| and should therefore be opposed.      



Kiwis reject wild west copyright cut-offs

,----[ Quote ]
| NEW ZEALAND HAS REJECTED a controversial law which could have seen suspected
| illegal file sharers disconnected from the Internet without trial or
| evidence.

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