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[News] Eric Raymond Proves He Doesn't Care About Freedom

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Eric S. Raymond speaks heresy.

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently my local LUG (LILUG) invited Eric S. Raymond (ESR) to come and 
| speak. For those of you who are not familiar with ESR, he is one of the three 
| largest icons of the Open Source/Free Software movement. Needless to say, it 
| was an honor so see him speak. For the most part, his talk was quite tame but 
| one of the points he raised seemed quite controversial.    
| [...]
| The Open Source/Free Software movement is thriving, it does not mean its a 
| good time to kill the GPL. In fact I don't think there will ever be a time 
| when killing the GPL will do more good than harm.  



The sound of empire falling

,----[ Quote ]
| There’s another problem. Vista is so dead that Microsoft is already touting
| its successor “System 7". Not end-of-lifing XP on schedule means they’ll
| actually have to support three different operating systems for at least the
| years until System 7 ships, and some time afterward. Even Microsoft is going
| to feel the strain, and ISVs are likely to play safe by writing to the
| minimum (XP) specification.



Interview with Eric S. Raymond

,----[ Quote ]
| CM: You have advocated the label “Open Source” over “Free Software” why?
| ESR: Because the term “free software” frightens and confuses people who wear 
| suits. Those people have money and decision-making power that we need, so not 
| confusing and frightening them is smart.  


Eric Raymond - World Domination 201

,----[ Quote ]
| B. The Microsoft Tax
| Microsoft's entire pricing, contract, and licensing structure is
| designed with the primary aim of preventing any other operating-system
| vendor from getting a foothold on the desktop. They achieve this by
| making the opportunity cost of pre-installing a non-Windows operating
| system prohibitively high for any vendor who also needs to ship
| Windows.


Fedora Devs Say Goodbye To Eric Raymond

,----[ Quote ]
| When Eric Raymond announced his departure on the Fedora Core
| developer mailing list, the developers returned with some
| interesting responses. Is Raymond really disappointed with
| the Fedora distribution, or is he simply making the change
| to Ubuntu for his new boss over at Linspire?


Eric Raymond Has Left Linspire’s Board

| Shane once asked himself what Eric Raymond would do after
| Linspire’s deal with Microsoft. It turns out that shortly after
| Kevin Carmony had left Linspire, Eric left as well. The press did
| not report any of this, despite the fact that the press did make a
| lot of noise when Eric dumped Fedora for Ubuntu Linux.

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