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[News] Maemo (Debian GNU/Linux with GTK) Taken Out of Nokia's Hands

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Mer: Remastering Maemo

,----[ Quote ]
| Mer is an outgrowth of Nokia's Maemo environment, designed to flesh out the 
| tablet-centric operating system into a full-fledged Linux distribution 
| suitable for embedded and desktop systems of all description. The project's 
| genesis was an effort to back port the upcoming Maemo 5.0 release to 
| no-longer-supported Nokia N800 and N810 tablets, but it has subsequently 
| evolved to run on BeagleBoards, embedded navigation devices like the Pocket 
| LOOX, and standard x86 hardware.      



Nokia’s Maemo 5 open-source Linux OS promises faster, more powerful Internet

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia’s little Linux-based, open-source darling has really blossomed into one
| fine looking platform. And, as the Maemo platform that powers Nokia Internet
| Tablets, like the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, again grows too big for its
| britches, Nokia will have to release newer versions of the Linux-based mobile
| platform.


Nokia looks beyond Symbian to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| With a 47.9 percent stake in Symbian, the leading mobile platform that it
| co-founded in 1998 and which today powers some 206 million mobile phones,
| Nokia has long championed it at the expense of rival platforms such as Linux.
| No longer.
| The mobile-phone maker is increasingly selecting Linux for Internet-enabled
| mobile devices, with its CFO declaring of Linux, "It's going to be terribly
| important."


Symbian extends collaboration offer to Google, possibly Android

,----[ Quote ]
| "We already work together and so whatever collaboration, if there is an
| opportunity, we will be happy to collaborate with them," Symbian chief
| executive Nigel Clifford told reporters in Tokyo. "And that could be on the
| application level or that could be on the more fundamental operating system
| level."


Nokia and the battle for open source's soul

,----[ Quote ]
| The Finnish giant had, until now, kept out of the major alliances being
| formed in the mobile Linux space — the LiMo Foundation and the Google-led
| Open Handset Alliance (OHA) — because it could afford to. Enjoying 40 percent
| of the global handset market, and holding the largest stake in the
| market-leading Symbian platform, Nokia did not have to be quite as reactive
| as other manufacturers when it came to the open-source revolution. It was,
| however, inevitable that it would join the revolution and, after a suitable
| period of observer status, it chose the right time to do so.


Nokia embraces Ubuntu OS

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia’s Internet Tablet devices are set to get a port of the Linux operating
| system Ubuntu, following the release of the latest ‘Hardy Heron’ v8.04 of
| Ubuntu this week.  


Nokia does not get it

,----[ Quote ]
| You better start playing by the rules because else the other companies might
| do it faster than Nokia and you will lose the opportunity. Oh: And just as a
| remind: when you go open source, you must play by the rules by honoring the
| license of the software.
| Really, it’s sad to listen to things like this from someone controlling the
| company who owns Trolltech  I am sure that the vice-president of companies
| like Red Hat wouldn’t say nonsense like the above. But it’s no surprise
| coming from someone in a company that seems to be absolutely in favor of
| software patents in Europe according to FFII.


Ari Jaaksi of Nokia Wants to Educate the Linux Community

,----[ Quote ]
| But perhaps the community has some education for Jaaksi and Nokia. Jaaksi
| hosted me at a Nokia dinner in 2000, he's a nice guy and has been interested
| in Linux for a long time. But Nokia's barking up the wrong tree this time,
| because Nokia can do everything it wants with DRM, IPR, and SIM locks without
| bothering the Linux developers about it - and both Nokia and the Linux
| developers will like it better that way. It's surprising that Nokia doesn't
| understand that at this late date.

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