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[News] Why Software Patents Are Idiotic and Counter Productive (the WWW Case)

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Standing on the shoulders of giants

,----[ Quote ]
| Berners-Lee himself was motivated by the desire to be able to share and 
| collaborate on ideas with other scientists and researchers. He worked on the 
| notion of combining the concept of hypertext with the Internet, and the rest, 
| as they say, is history.   
| The interesting thing about all of this in today's world of digital rights 
| and software patents is Berners-Lee let his creation loose on the world, with 
| no intention of claiming ownership, royalties or patents. Thanks to this, 
| others were able to build on his ideas and give us the WWW we enjoy (and 
| profit from) today.     
| Had Vannevar Bush claimed “prior art” for his ideas or Berners-Lee felt a tad 
| greedy, we might be looking at a very different technology landscape in 2009. 
| Most technology, whether it's a hammer with a claw attached or a 
| nail-file-clipper combo are converged versions of several ideas. With the 
| ongoing debate about who's using whose code and whether or not they should be 
| paying for it, maybe it's time to take a step back and look at the mentality 
| of the guys who got us here today. Driven by a desire to share learning and 
| collaborate with others, they saw a bigger picture. Maybe we should do the 
| same.        


The Death of Business-Method Patents 

,----[ Quote ]
| The problem is that all software ultimately reduces to mathematical 
| operations, yet only some software controls actual stuff, like the baking of 
| rubber. If the rest is merely math and therefore unpatentable, does that mean 
| we must deny patents to all software that runs nothing but itself?   



Software Patents and Open-Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Does our current system of patents, especially software patents, "promote the
| progress of science and the useful arts?" The answer is obvious. It does not.
| Is it obvious enough for the Supreme Court to go against the wishes of
| the "intellectual property nomenklatura" of this country, with their
| fictitious billions of dollars on their balance sheets? Maybe. We'll see.
| Another interesting question is this. On the day after all those patents are
| invalidated, what will the stock market do? It will be interesting to see....

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