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[News] GNU/Linux to Power the Forecast in 4 Bits

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Supercomputer lends its muscle to weather forecasters

,----[ Quote ]
| The bureau, with at least 1000 Sun x86 Intel-based server nodes, will be the 
| first major weather forecasting site in the world to use an open-source 
| software stack running on a 64-bit Linux operating system.  



OSS is a clear winner at The Weather Channel

,----[ Quote ]
| TWC is continuously moving more toward open source software, Shield
| says. "We continue to look at new ways to manage our infrastructure, 
| and more effectively optimize monitoring of key systems storage solutions,
| and we've been looking at some security and network tools as well. We
| pretty much have moved to open source predominantly for all our systems,
| though we are Microsoft in some areas."
| Shield says that if CIOs are not considering open source, "they're
| doing their company a disservice. I continue to be surprised when
| large companies don't take more full advantage of the benefits that
| open source products can offer. It doesn't require someone to
| transition the entire organization, but take a look at the total
| cost of ownership and use where appropriate. I frequently hear
| companies claim that the TCO figures for open source are exaggerated.
| I totally disagree. You hear about the learning curve. Frankly, for
| us, we see open source as a competitive advantage. Not only does it
| provide TCO benefits, but it is an incentive for our internal
| resources because they get the opportunity to work on leading
| edge technology."


Linux reports the weather to truckers, travellers

,----[ Quote ]
| A company specializing in weather reporting has used Linux to build
| an inexpensive digital sign capable of delivering custom weather
| channels to truckstops, private airports, marinas, and golf courses.

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