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[News] More FOSS in E-Commerce Overhauled

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Screen Pages Launches Next Generation, Open Source E-Commerce Service Using

,----[ Quote ]
| The Magento e-commerce platform, developed by California-based Varien, is a 
| feature-rich e-commerce platform built on open-source technology that 
| provides online retailers with unprecedented flexibility and control over the 
| look, content and functionality of their online shops. It has a modular 
| architecture, industry-leading features and powerful marketing and 
| merchandising tools which have quickly made Magento the fastest growing 
| e-commerce platform on the market.      



Open Source E-Commerce: Survey Rates the Best in OSC

,----[ Quote ]
| What a difference a year makes. Rarely does an industry landscape change so
| radically in just 12 short months. This year the upstart New osCommerce
| Project was crowned Best Open Source Commerce program by respondents in my
| Second Annual Open Source Commerce survey. It was followed by CRE Loaded, the
| original osCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop and a long list of "Other open
| source commerce programs."



Apache, GPL License Compatibility Back On Track

,----[ Quote ]
| GPL 3 is now on track to be finalized in August. Its adoption will be
| a major milestone in the open-source industry and will force developers
| of GPL-licensed software to make choices about migrating to the new
| license or contributing to a potential schism between version 2 and
| version 3 software.


Video, Audio and Cross Domain Usage

,----[ Quote ]
| This is a heads up for a change to the HTML5 media elements that may break
| existing usage. If you use <video> or <audio> then you may need to make
| changes to the way you serve your media resources.
| It looks likely the that <video> and <audio> elements will be restricted so
| that requests for a media resource from a domain other than the page
| containing the element will be disallowed. There is a W3C bug (<video> and
| <audio> should prevent cross-origin media loads) about this.

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