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[News] Ubuntu Offers GNU/Linux Server Education, Examiner Teaches GNU/Linux

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Canonical Announces Ubuntu Server Training Course

,----[ Quote ]
| The success of the Ubuntu Training Program, combined with the growing 
| popularity of Ubuntu Server Edition, led Canonical to announce a new course 
| that exclusively focuses on the server edition. Called "Deploying Ubuntu in 
| the Enterprise Environment," the training program lasts five days and 
| addresses intermediate-to-advanced enterprise system administrators working 
| with Ubuntu desktops and servers.     


Taking your first Linux baby steps

,----[ Quote ] 
| In the screenshot below you can see the Nautilus file manager. If you look 
| closely you can see that by right-clicking on a file, you will get a menu 
| chocked full of options and file operations. Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, and 
| Move to Trash is there of course, but also notice some of the more advanced 
| operations such as Uploading to server, Sending as an email, Setting as a 
| Wallpaper, or Opening with another application. All this without ever 
| touching the commandline.      



Programming for Kids with Basic-256 on Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| My first introduction to computers and the world of programming was through
| languages like GW-BASIC, QuickBASIC, and ANSI C. As a kid, I inherited an
| 8086-based PC from my father, along with a few operating system manuals and
| programming references. Later on, I spend endless hours playing with Apple II
| computers in elementary school. This was probably the single biggest
| influence on my future professional life, as it taught me that I could easily
| make a computer do exactly what I wanted.

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