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[News] Politics Still Act as a Barrier to Free(dom) Software

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When politics does not get in the way of FOSS 

,----[ Quote ]
| Politicians have no incentive to adopt free and open source software - not 
| until someone writes a FOSS application that will ensure that they win the 
| next election. But when geeks are part of a party and the party's policies 
| are furthered by adopting FOSS, then it is a slightly different story.   
| [...]
| Wright, a former employee of Reuters and HP, says the use of FOSS fits in 
| with Green policies well. Russell points to a few policies: that government 
| information, both internal and external, should be made available in a format 
| that is accessible by all, and is not restricted by the need to purchase 
| additional software; that electronic government documents should be saved in 
| an open document standard; and that government should be an active proponent 
| and contributor to open standard forums.      



The Plot to Kill Google

,----[ Quote ]
| Google's capitulation marked a rare defeat for the search giant, which has
| been almost as successful among the regulators of Washington as among the
| coders of Silicon Valley. And it was cause for celebration in Redmond, where
| Microsoft spent six months on a massive effort, costing millions of dollars,
| to block the Yahoo deal. Microsoft played a role in persuading members of
| Congress to hold hearings. It initiated a campaign that filled DOJ mailboxes
| with letters from politicians and nonprofit groups objecting to the deal. It
| convinced the country's largest advertisers to join together to oppose the
| company in public. It's impossible to know exactly what impact all this had
| on the DOJ decision. But many observers believe that Barnett, who declined to
| be interviewed for this article, was influenced in part by Microsoft's
| arguments.

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