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[News] Free Software Fits the Data Servers and Middleware

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Open-Xchange to Launch Open Data Cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| Data and personal content exists in many different silos across the Internet, 
| amd getting them all into a single interface and sharing them is no easy 
| task. One potential solution to the problem is set to be demonstrated next 
| week by open source software vendor Open-Xchange with an approach that uses 
| semantic microformats as a mechanism for sharing and publishing data in a 
| collaborative manner.      


Open source middleware: the time may be ripe

,----[ Quote ]
| Another advantage to the open source approach is that products get designed 
| and tested based on the input of a broad community. “FUSE and ServiceMix are 
| developed in a very diverse community,” Debbie says. “Because of that, you 
| see a lot of requirements come in from people that are in different types of 
| environments. So, inherently, you’re going to be able to support a lot of 
| different technologies. It really does require you use open standards, and 
| align by the standards.”      



Hadoop: Funny Name, Powerful Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Doug Cutting was a work-at-home dad plugging away at open source search code
| when he had a light-bulb moment that led him to create Hadoop, an open source
| adaptation of Google's MapReduce. Now, Yahoo is using Hadoop for all kinds of
| high-power computing functions.



Hypertable Lead Discusses Hadoop and Distributed Databases

,----[ Quote ]
| At the time that we started on the project, an open source Bigtable
| implementation did not exist, so we decided to build it ourselves. The reason
| that we chose open source is because we felt that an open source
| implementation of Bigtable would be inevitable. By leading the development
| effort, we would have a leg up on the competition in terms of knowledge,
| expertise, and credibility.

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