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[News] Microsoft is Dying with the Desktop and GNU/Linux Emerges Victorious

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Linux will never rule the desktop, and here's why:

,----[ Quote ]
| If you draw a line giving the rate at which Linux is taking over the desktop 
| you'll see it'll take several years from now to become the biggest operating  
| system on desktops. 
| This is never going to happen, because the desktop as it is will die long 
| before we reach this point. 
| The good thing is Microsoft will probably die with it!
| [...]
| As hardware will keep getting cheaper and cheaper and smaller and smaller in 
| the coming years, I don't see any application left for PC's so the desktop 
| will probably die. And guess what will be running on 90% of the dedicated 
| devices? Most probably it's a version of a certain free and flexible open 
| source operating system.    
| I can't wait for the year the desktop dies!


There is now a $200 sub-notebooks running GNU/Linux and ARM-based ones will be
much cheaper.


Ballmer: GNU/Linux Will Win on Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| I think this is a very frank analysis of the problem for Microsoft: after
| all, who's going to pay extra money just to get the Windows logo on a
| netbook, when they can get the same features for less with free software...?

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