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[News] Mozilla Explains How Microsoft Bribes Its Way Into the Market

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EC Principle 4: Microsoft’s financial and other incentives to distributors must
be browser-neutral

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has also used a range of techniques to encourage the distribution 
| channel (often known as “the OEMs” for “original equipment manufacturers”) to 
| ship IE. The OEM distribution channel is a funny thing. When I started 
| working in this industry I assumed that the OEMs would pay software vendors 
| for the right to distribute a piece of valuable software. But it turns out 
| that’s backwards. The software maker pay the OEMs to include software on the 
| OEM’s machine. So first the vendor makes the software, then they pay someone 
| else to distribute it. The OEMs get to include software in their distribution 
| packages for less-than-free — they make money by including software. This is 
| because the distribution channel — the ability to actually get human beings 
| to look at a piece of software — is so valuable. Software vendors end up 
| paying for their products to reach people, and hoping to make money 
| afterwards. For many product-focued people I think it is hard to internalize 
| just how critical the ability to get people to pay attention to the product 
| is, and how “distribution” can outweigh product quality in building success.              



E.U. mulling ordering Microsoft to carry rival web browsers

,----[ Quote ]
| In its regulatory filing in the U.S. submitted late January, Microsoft said
| that the commission is considering ordering Microsoft and computer makers
| to "obligate users to choose a particular browser when setting up a new PC."
| That might include a requirement that computer manufacturers "distribute
| multiple browsers on new Windows-based PCs," Microsoft said in the SEC
| filing.


EC to Microsoft: We may still fine you

,----[ Quote ]
| In a statement earlier today, European Commission spokesperson Jonathan Todd
| is quoted by two sources, the International Herald-Tribune and the AFP, as
| having publicly renewed the EC's warning to Microsoft that it could impose
| more fines and force the company to offer competing Web browsers as an
| alternative to Internet Explorer, for the company's European edition of
| Windows 7.


EU May Order Microsoft To Carry Rival Web Browsers


EU Mulling Ordering Microsoft To Carry Rival Web Browsers


Microsoft fears EU fine over browser


Mozilla: Sometimes govt. is answer to Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite this success, Baker believes that government, and in the European
| Commission in particular, has a role to play in further leveling the playing
| field. As she notes in a recent blog post, government entities would perhaps
| have less relevance but for the antitrust activity that resulted in
| Microsoft's dominant market share in the first place:
|     Microsoft did not obtain its (Internet Explorer) hegemony solely through
|     competition on the merits of IE. A number of illegal activities were also
|     involved in creating IE's market dominance...The idea that Microsoft is
|     an innocent victim (of European Commission intervention) is deeply
|     flawed.

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