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[News] Linux Power Japanese Fashion Model

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Fashion robot runs real-time Linux 

,----[ Quote ]
| Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology 
| (AIST) has demonstrated a Linux-based humanoid robot that will perform in a 
| fashion show next week. The HRP-4C runs the robotics-focused hard real-time 
| ART-Linux distro, which was released this week for Linux 2.6xx under GPL.   
| The HRP-4C robot and the open-source ART-Linux distro (see more farther 
| below) were developed by AIST's Human Robotics Group (HRG). ART (Advanced 
| Real-Time) Linux has been used in a variety of humanoid robot prototypes from 
| the Japanese government-backed HRG/AIST, says the group. The newest HRP-4C 
| model announced earlier this week has been a hit on YouTube (see below). 
| Designed to look like a young Japanese woman, the robot stands (and walks) 
| about five feet, two inches (158 centimeters), and weighs about 95 pounds (43 
| kilograms).       



Real-time Linux gains accelerated graphics

,----[ Quote ]
| The Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) announced that the
| PREEMPT_RT patches have been stabilized with the mainline Linux 2.6.26
| kernel. The newly available "latest stable" kernel is said to achieve latency
| as low as 39 microseconds, while inheriting several interesting new 2.6.26
| kernel features.


Red Hat updates real-time Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat has announced that it has begun shipping the second rev and the first
| fully functional version of its Enterprise MRG real-time Linux. The Fedora
| Project, which is sponsored by Red Hat, has also put the alpha of its Fedora
| 11 development release in the field on time.


Concurrent Announces New MediaHawk(R) Software Release

,----[ Quote ]
| Concurrent (Nasdaq: CCUR), a worldwide leader in real-time Linux-based
| computing technologies, announced today a new software release for its
| MediaHawk line of video servers. The release is SCTE-130 compliant and
| features many new functionality and capacity enhancements, most notably play
| list support enabling advanced advertising.


Concurrent Announces NightStar LX Tools Version for Ubuntu Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| ...new version of its NightStar™ LX debugging and analysis tools for Ubuntu
| Linux editions. NightStar is a powerful, integrated GUI tool set for
| developing and tuning time-critical applications on x86-based platforms.
| NightStar’s advanced debugging features enable system builders to solve
| difficult problems quickly.    

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