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[News] Copyrights Cartel 'Fights' Wikipedia, Search Engines

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Extending Copyright Law Is Like Banning Wikipedia

,----[ Quote ]
| Richard Smith has an interesting post discussing James Boyle's excellent 
| book, The Public Domain, which we've been discussing as well. In his post, 
| though, Smith makes a really good point, comparing the extension of copyright 
| to the banning of Wikipedia.   


ISOHunt search site lawsuit could make Google, Yahoo, others illegal 

,----[ Quote ]
| The owner of the ISOHunt search engine website (used specifically to find 
| Bittorents submitted by users) is fighting the Canadian Recording Industry 
| Association (CRIA) in court against claims that his site pirates music. The 
| company's president, Gary Fung, wants Canada's Supreme Court to rule on the 
| legality of search engines being used to identify material which may 
| ultimately be used illegally to determine if they, too, are culpable.     



Scoop: NZ Linux Community reject copyright law

,----[ Quote ]
| New Zealand Linux Industry and Community reject guilt on accusation copyright
| laws Press release by LinuxChix NZ, Waikato Linux Users' Group and Wellington
| Linux Users' Group 11-March-2009
| A new threat has emerged against Linux and other Open Source Software: New
| Zealand's new, ill-conceived copyright laws that pave the way for users to be
| disconnected on accusation of copyright infringement.


New Zealand copyright protest blockades parliament

,----[ Quote ]
| The fight over the controversial amendments to New Zealand's copyright law is
| heating up.
| Thursday at noon, some 120 protesters descended upon the parliament in the
| capital, Wellington, and handed over an e-petition against the amendments
| with over 12,000 signatories, and a traditional one with 148 names, to the
| United Future party leader Peter Dunne.


New Zealand Goes Black

,----[ Quote ]
| The previous government in New Zealand enacted an amendment to the Copyright
| Act that required ISPs to have a policy to disconnect users after repeated
| accusations of infringement, over the objections of technologists.

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