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[News] GNOME Desktop Impresses with Latest Release and Moves to Git

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GNOME 2.26 big on device, messaging integration

,----[ Quote ]
| GNOME 2.26 now offers support for 48 languages with at least 80 percent of 
| strings translated. 


First Look: GNOME 2.26

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm especially excited about the new per-application volume control feature 
| in PulseAudio and the fact that Brasero, my all-time favorite burning 
| application, is now the default one in GNOME 2.26. We'll meet again with a 
| new version of the GNOME desktop environment six months from now, when 2.28 
| is expected to be released.    


GNOME to migrate to git

,----[ Quote ]
| The GNOME Release Team would like to announce that git will be the new 
| Version Control System (VCS) for GNOME. In our opinion, the decision reflects 
| the opinion of the majority of our active contributors.  



Gnome 2.26: What to expect

,----[ Quote ]
| On the interface front there are a number of changes that will give Gnome
| 2.26 a little more polish. These include a dark widget theme, a flat widget
| theme, a compact widget theme for small screens and some nicer Gnome Panel
| icons.
| All told, Gnome 2.26 is a solid release even if it’s not the most exciting
| release ever. Perhaps the Gnome 2.2x series is now nearing its logical peak
| and developers will need to shaking things up with a 3.0 release? Let’s hope
| so.


Afrikaans translators make good progress on Gnome 2.26

,----[ Quote ]
| As Friedel Wolff points out, more than 25 percent of Gnome 2.26 has been
| translated into Afrikaans. Which is good progress over the 19 percent of
| Gnome 2.24. Other localisation efforts such as Zulu and Xhosa are also at
| varying stages of development.


GNOME 2.26.0 released


GNOME 2.26 Release Notes


GNOME 2.26

,----[ Quote ]
| And with these additions, you have GNOME 2.26. Examined on its own merits,
| GNOME 2.26 is a rock solid desktop manager that offers ease of use which
| should translate into more productivity for the end user. Also, with its new
| Exchange features found in Evolution, GNOME 2.26 should appeal heavily to
| businesses wanting to integrate Linux clients into their Microsoft Exchange
| networks.


Introduction to the xmonad Tiling Window Manager

,----[ Quote ]
| What good is having a large display if you’re constantly rearranging windows
| to fit them on the screen? I got tired of try to fit a web browser with other
| smaller windows and decided to try xmonad, a tiling window manager that could
| do this for me.


GNOME 2.26.0 Release Candidate (2.25.92) Released!

,----[ Quote ]
| My friends, we're nearly there! 2.26.0 will be out in two weeks. Yes, it
| will! I tell you so. And it will be a milestone in our history. Sure, it
| will! You don't doubt it. Because it's looking quite good. It definitely
| does! Ask around you to check. And people will love it. That's for sure! Make
| people try it. But we can still work a bit more on polishing GNOME for the
| prime time.


browsing in GNOME

,----[ Quote ]
| GNOME’s web browsing applications currently use a Mozilla bridge (epiphany,
| yelp, devhelp) or the custom gtkhtml library (evolution). However, none of
| these are actively developed any more, because roughly a year ago we started
| to switch to Webkit, trying to build the webkit-gtk library. This switch has
| not been completed. It was originally scheduled to be delivered with GNOME
| 2.26, but has been postponed to GNOME 2.28.


GNOME 2.25.90 beta release!

,----[ Quote ]
| This is the sixth development release, and the first beta, towards our
| 2.26 release that will happen in March 2009.  By now most things are
| in place, and your mission is easy: Go download it. Go compile it. Go
| test it.  And go hack on it, document it, translate it, fix it.

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