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[News] Linux Gains New Firewall

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New firewall for the Linux kernel

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| The Netfilter development team's Patrick McHardy has released an alpha 
| version of nftables, a new firewall implementation for the Linux kernel, with 
| a user space tool for controlling the firewall. nftables introduces a 
| fundamental distinction between the user space defined rules and network 
| objects in the kernel: the kernel component works with generic data such as 
| IP addresses, ports and protocols and provides some generic operations for 
| comparing the values of a packet with constants or for discarding a packet.       


"The Internet? We are not interested in it."

                                --Bill Gates, 1993


The signature is valid and the key is ultimately trusted.
  5 Best Linux/BSD Firewall Tools

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| Over the course of recent years, some people have found the quality of most
| out-of-the-store firewall appliances either lacking functionality or worse,
| set at a price that has made them generally out of reach. Because of this
| issue, I thought it would be beneficial to write an article to better
| highlight what works and what does not with regard to turning an older PC
| into a standalone router/firewall appliance.


Never Installed a Firewall on Ubuntu? Try Firestarter

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| “The way to be safe is never to feel secure”. When we use the high-speed
| internet without having any security tool installed, it gives the enormous
| opportunity to “them” means the malicious folks on the internet who are
| desperate to attack on your network and severs. No one can guarantee 100%
| security but at least you can consider yourself in the loop of reasonable
| security using Firestarter, without having any prerequisite of in-depth
| knowledge of TCP/IP security.

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