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[News] GNU/Linux and AGPL Software Running One's Portable O/S

Install An Open-Source Cloud Operating System On Your Server

,----[ Quote ]
| In this article we’re going to take a look at another great cloud operating 
| system, EyeOS. EyeOS differentiates itself from other solutions, such as 
| Cloudo, by being licensed under AGPLv3. You can install EyeOS on your own 
| server as easily as you would install Wordpress. This eliminates many issues, 
| as we’ll prove by the end of the article.    



The eyeOS: A Review

,----[ Quote ]
| The eyeOS has been making ripples among enthusiasts of “cloud” computing. It 
| intends to serve as an Operating System which can be accessed anywhere 
| through a web browser. One just has to install the eyeOS on to one's web 
| server or use the web hosting solution provided by the vendors themselves. On 
| top of that, it is one of the first open source offerings on the cloud 
| (Google, even though running on open source components, is in itself 
| proprietary).      




,----[ Quote ]
| In episode 2x14 of The Bad Apples Linux Cast, I talked about all manners of
| portable operating systems, including web-based, shell accounts, and usb
| drive OS's. One of the web-based systems was eyeOS (eyeos.info for demo) and
| I remember being impressed and intrigued but a little underwhelmed by
| performance.
| Enter threethirty, a fellow host of Linux Cranks and an all-around
| adventurous guy. One weekend he decides to learn how to set up a server, and
| then all week long he's loading up all kinds of insanely cool web services
| for everyone to fool around with. He put opengoo (online office suite) on his
| server, and then eyeOS.


The Office Revolution, in eyeOS 1.3

,----[ Quote ]
| This will be possible thanks to some hard work on the great OpenOffice 
| platform, that will provide, in the server where eyeOS is installed, 
| conversions between lots of formats to the eyeOS native ones trought some 
| macros that will connect eyeOS with OpenOffice framework.   


What is eyeOS?

,----[ Quote ]
| eyeOS is an Open Source Web Desktop Environment, commonly known as
| Web Operating System (Web OS) or Web Office. eyeOS is Open Source
| Software, and can be downloaded or used trought the official eyeOS
| server. The basic System comes with some office and PIM applications,
| and the complete eyeOS software database can be found at eyeApps.org and 
| in the public server.


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