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[News] Package Manager in GNU/Linux to Get More Universal

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Linux For The Masses: A Universal Package Manager 

,----[ Quote ]
| Actually, there's one way it could happen. The Linux Foundation could start 
| the ball rolling on it. After all, one of their prime directives is 
| standardization. A UPM is one step toward that goal and a darn fine one at 
| that.   



NixOS: A Distro Focused on Next-Generation Package Management

,----[ Quote ]
| NixOS is not about to challenge Ubuntu or Fedora as a desktop distribution
| any time soon. But, then, user-friendliness is not its point. Originally
| developed by Eelco Dolstra as a doctoral project at Utrecht University, and
| now developed by a small team at Delft University of Technology in the
| Netherlands, NixOS is designed as a test of Nix, a new package manager
| designed to overcome key problems with existing package managers. As a
| result, what you think of NixOS is likely to depend largely on your interest
| in package management.


Package management

,----[ Quote ]
| Those are some of the package managers out there. I hope you can see the
| differences between them after reading this. The early package managers were
| collections of simple install, remove and update routines. While APT was
| eventually developed to be very feature-rich, third-party package managers
| for Slackware Linux are mostly simple programs that add dependency resolution
| and one or two other features. RPM was an evolution of the package manager
| closer to a complete package management system. It added features like
| dependency checking, tracking, automatic installation and checksum
| verification.


Do we really need another packaging system?

,----[ Quote ]
| The reality of the situation is that the differences between distros gives
| people a chance to innovate more with how a Linux system works. Trying to
| funnel everything down through some common layer at the bottom really reduces
| the chances for big innovation to happen.

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