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[News] Humanitarian Efforts Work Like Free Software

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Three New Open Source Tools Aimed at Global Humanitarian Efforts

,----[ Quote ]
| Today, a Silicon Valley non-profit group called InSTEDD (Innovative Support 
| to Emergencies, Diseases and Disasters) unveiled three new open source 
| software tools targeted to help global humanitarian efforts. The group works 
| with humanitarian organizations, local communities, and government ministries 
| to improve disease detection and disaster response. Some of the tools are 
| already in use in HIV clinics in Tanzania, centers for disease control in 
| Kenya and Cambodia, and more. Here are the details on the tools, and how to 
| get them.       



Humanitarian FOSS Project

,----[ Quote ]
| The Humanitarian FOSS Project is a collaborative, community-building project
| that was started by a group of computing faculty and open source proponents
| at Trinity College, Wesleyan University, and Connecticut College. Our goal is
| to build a community of academic computing departments, IT corporations, and
| local and global humanitarian and community organizations dedicated to
| building and using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) to benefit humanity.


Students Help Humanity with Open Source Software

,----[ Quote ]
| The software is part of  Sahana, an open-source information technology system
| that was built to aid in the recovery effort following the 2004 Asian
| tsunami. The students contributed as part of the Humanitarian Free and Open
| Source Software (HFOSS) project, a joint venture between the computer science
| departments of Wesleyan, Trinity College and Connecticut College, which aims
| to bring open source software that benefits humanity into the computer
| science curriculum.

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