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[News] IBM-Sun Relationship as a Good Thing, Sun Promotes FOSS

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eWEEK Labs on IBM/Sun: Open-Source Community Would Win

,----[ Quote ]
| There is a lot of overlap for IBM and Sun in the areas of open source and 
| operating systems, and in this case, that's a good thing. Solaris would give  
| IBM a better Unix operating system than IBM's AIX, and the deal could enable 
| IBM to take advantage of the significant open-source work that Sun has done. 
| The combination of IBM and such open-source technologies as OpenSolaris, 
| StarOffice and MySQL could mean a richer, happier open-source community.    


Sun Microsystems a longtime leader in innovation

,----[ Quote ]
| So as news swept Silicon Valley on Wednesday that Sun was in talks to be 
| acquired by IBM, the reaction included a poignant, even bittersweet, sense of  
| irony. 


Sun: Open source frees CIOs (and others) from 'slavery'

,----[ Quote ]
| Vendors can build revenues from services and subscriptions, while CIOs, CEOs 
| and the businesses they lead are freed from the "slavery" of traditional 
| software procurement processes, said Sun's Simon Phipps, speaking at a Sun 
| developers conference in New York City.   
| In the midst of industry speculation that IBM might buy Sun for some $6.5 
| billion, Sun also used the event this week to announce the Sun Open Cloud 
| Platform, a.k.a., "Sun Cloud," along with the first two services from Sun to 
| be based on the new private and public cloud environment.   



IBM Sun acquisition: Good for Unix and Linux. Bad for HP

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM is reportedly in talks to acquire Sun for a whopping $6.5 billion. At
| this early stage, its not known whether this is a fact or just a rumor.
| But just for the sake of argument, let's consider what a powerhouse IBM Sun
| would be. In my opinion, it would be a boon to both the Unix and Linux
| markets.

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