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[News] Consultancy Advises Strongly Against Proprietary Software, Promotes FOSS

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IT cost-cutting tactics: LinkedIn users tell all

,----[ Quote ]
| Hein Hanssen, senior consultant at Fagro Consultancy in The Netherlands, 
| suggests avoiding proprietary software and embracing open source. 
| "The main reason you suffer from increasing (licensing) costs is probably 
| that you have reached a point where you suffer from vendor lock-in caused by 
| proprietary software," writes Hanssen. "The vendors have you in your grip: 
| you can't easily switch. You should have considered this before the current 
| crisis."    
| Proprietary software "should be avoided as much as possible," according to 
| Hanssen. "Also, avoid as much as possible software that only runs on a single 
| platform. Use as much multi-platform software as you can...Try to get as much 
| software based on open standards and the open source idea. This, combined 
| with all other possible solutions, will prove to be a real cost saver."    
| Many companies are now evaluating open source, says business and technology 
| consultant Chip Nickolett.   



Open source applications sit at IT strategy table during recession

,----[ Quote ]
| In tough times, the "free" price tag of open source software is too good for
| some CIOs to pass by without at least a second glance. But it can be buyer
| beware: Despite short-term cost benefits, open source applications require
| sufficient IT staffing resources for the long term to keep up with code
| changes.

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