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[News] GNU/Linux Further Optimised for Sub-notebooks

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Announcing ‘Anjal’- the new mail for netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| Anjal is a new mail UI created on top of Evolution. It would have a very 
| interesting UI & features, that would make it the very suitable for low 
| memory/processor/resolution devices.  It is Evolution & EDS at the back of 
| Anjal. We have broken down Evolution mail library to a smaller component and 
| made a reusable shared library to be used by Evolution.    


Realistic netbook expectations

,----[ Quote ]
| Regular readers will know that I’ve become quite a fan of netbooks. After 
| all, why buy a full-blown notebook when a $300 netbook will meet your needs 
| just as well? Even the bargain-basement laptops that are cropping up in the 
| $500 range tend to be fairly heavy, so netbooks compete well here too (even 
| for the nicer offerings that start pushing $500 themselves).    


Microsoft lackeys from NPD (details below) spread some false numbers around and
count _only US sales_ of sub-notebooks. That's where numbers are lowest.


Vista: better than expected

,----[ Quote ]
| But wait! The NPD Group? Isn't it that market research firm which
| spotted the opportunities offered by the corporate movie and music
| companies from afar and almost overnight became an expert on p2p
| file sharing with, "highly questionable statistics blatantly
| slanted towards the entertainment cartels?"


Early Vista Sales Don't Tell the Whole Story

,----[ Quote ]
| To be clear: The missing information is to be expected, and I don't
| mean to reflect poorly on Swenson or NPD. Research firms aren't in
| the business of giving away information to the news media, but
| selling it to clients. The information provided to the press
| should be incomplete.


Zune doesn't shake iPod's market lead

,----[ Quote ]
| 'All in all, that's a pretty good performance,'' said Stephen Baker,
| an analyst with Reston, Va.-based NPD.
|                                   ^^^


Zune does a bit better than expected 

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite getting a hammering in the tech press, Microsoft's Zune has
| had respectable sales last month according to data from market
| research firm NPD Group.
|               ^^^


Microsoft's Xbox 360 US sales-NPD story withdrawn

,----[ Quote ]
| The Los Angeles story headlined "Microsoft's Xbox 360 US sales
| top first Xbox--NPD" is withdrawn because the data supporting the
|                 ^^^
| story may be inaccurate. Reuters is waiting for an update from the
| company. A new story may be issued.

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