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[News] People Would Pay for GNU/Linux, Case Study in Migration of Business

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Why Use Linux?

,----[ Quote ]
| 'I Would Pay for Linux'
| "I use Linux first and foremost because it's Unix, and I've been a big fan of 
| the Unix paradigm for 20+ years," Slashdot blogger yagu told 
| LinuxInsider. "With GNU software, Linux is better than industrial (HP, Sun, 
| et al.) Unix because it leverages the best extensions of familiar commands, 
| making them friendlier (color syntax for the ls command) and more powerful 
| (too many to mention in awk/gawk)."     


Moving to Linux: slow-go or rip-and-replace?

,----[ Quote ]
| My move from the Microsoft world to the GNU-Linux world was motivated by a 
| fear of viruses. In the year 2000, I was hearing a lot of talk among my 
| friends and colleagues about the slew of viruses that they were encountering. 
| I was hearing horror stories about long waits for technicians to arrive; long 
| waits on hold with Microsoft support; lost documents; and lots of downtime. I 
| bumped into a computer systems administrator from another law firm on my 
| floor who recommended that I might want to consider using Linux as an 
| alternative to Microsoft Windows.       
| This systems administrator and I became friends and discussed Free Open 
| Source Software over innumerable lunches and elevator rides. I began warming 
| to the idea of not having to pay for anti-virus software or forced upgrade 
| marches for software and hardware to accommodate what I saw as an arms race 
| in computer hardware and software. I had come to distrust computer software 
| salespersons, because I found that they often left out and misrepresented 
| hidden costs of the software.      



French police deal blow to Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| The French paramilitary police force said Wednesday it is ditching Microsoft
| for the free Linux operating system, becoming one of the biggest
| administrations in the world to make the break.  

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