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[News] Mac OS Program Advances OpenDocument Format

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Daniel Schwill releases Tables 1.5 - Organize and Present Data

,----[ Quote ]
| This version offers among other things the following new features: Improved 
| import of documents in the OpenDocument format as well as a new exporter for 
| the OpenDocument format, a new cell format for currency, a new region setting 
| for the cell format and LinkBack support as a client application.   



The State of ODF in OASIS

,----[ Quote ]
| A few statistics you might find interesting on the level of participation in
| OASIS TC's related to ODF, based on a tally I did this morning:
|     * The three ODF TC's have 81 members from 28 corporations/organizations,
|     as well as 9 individual members. This count does not include the even
|     larger number of OASIS members who are "observers" in these TC's.
|     * Large companies with participants in these TC's include IBM, Google,
|     Sun, Microsoft, Nokia, Oracle, Intel, RedHat, etc. a virtual "Who's Who"
|     of the tech sector.
|     * Members reside in 13 different countries.
|     * 16 TC members are also members of their JTC1 or JTC1/SC34 NB's. A total
|     of 7 NB's currently have members in the ODF TC's.
|     * The TC's and SC's had 95 meetings in 2008 and their current schedule
|     calls for a combined 10 hours of teleconferences per month.
|     * The main ODF TC had 439 person-hours of meetings in 2008.
|     * The mailings lists for the TC's received 2,594 posts in 2008, including
|     95 agendas and 95 meeting minutes.
|     * ODF's public comment list received 603 comments in 2008.
| So 2008 was a good year, with robust participation from a wide range of stake
| holders in the development, maintenance and promotion of ODF in OASIS.


LCA2009: Why ODF should be the chosen one

,----[ Quote ]
| It is difficult to know whether Louis Suarez-Potts, community manager at
| OpenOffice.org, was conscious at any point today of the irony of criticising
| proprietary software while making a presentation using a MacBook.


Four alternatives to Microsoft Office

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Office is so common that very few computer users are even aware
| that there are many good, and often free, alternatives to the software. Here
| are four of the better alternatives.
| OpenOffice.org
| This has to be the number one alternative to Microsoft Office. The open
| source productivity tool includes all of the features offered by MS Office
| but for free. Version 3.0 of OpenOffice was released earlier this year and it
| includes full compatibility with documents created in Microsoft Office, the
| biggest stumbling block to switching to a new office suite.


ODF Annual Report 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| The OpenDocument Format Alliance (ODF Alliance) is an
| organization of governments,
| academic institutions, associations and
| industry dedicated to educating policy makers, IT
| administrators and the public on the
| benefits and opportunities of ODF. Launched in March
| 2006, the ODF Alliance includes 584
| member organizations in 63 countries.


Open Document Format Has Been Accepted By 16 Governments

,----[ Quote ]
| The Open Document Format continues to gain ground with governments as the
| format in which they wish to create important documents, despite Microsoft's
| Office format, OOXML, being recognized as an international standard as well.

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