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[News] US Defense Department Releases Free Software, Which is More Secure

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Forum Highlights Needed U.S. Actions To Fight Cyberwar

,----[ Quote ]
| Open-source software, in which the source code is in the public domain 
| instead of under copyright and can be changed and improved by users, would 
| mean potential cyber attackers couldn't hide harmful problems in the code, 
| said Bill Vass, president of Sun Microsystems Federal.   
| In terms of state-sponsored cyberattacks, "if you open source it, they can't 
| hide anything in the code," Vass said. "Everything gets fixed before it's 
| exploited."   


US Defense Dept. goes public with some open source plans

,----[ Quote ]
| As a next step in open source, the DoD is teaming up with the Open Source 
| Software Institute (OSSI) on a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement 
| (CRADA) that will allow over 50 federal administration applications to be 
| publicly distributed under an open source license.   


DoD to Open Source Corporate Management Information System

,----[ Quote ]
| “Secondly, since CMIS is now released under an open source license, 
| commercial, academic and non-profit entities can adopt and support the 
| system, as long as they adhere to the license agreement. There are two 
| license variants available from OSSI, the Open Software License v.3.0 and the 
| Academic Free License v.3.0,” he said.    


DISA to open source administrative software

,----[ Quote ]
| The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) plans to open source a suite of 
| programs that it developed for administrative tasks. The agency has signed a 
| Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the Open Source Software 
| Institute (OSSI) to help release the source code of the programs.   



Open source makes serious headway in the U.S. Department of Defense

,----[ Quote ]
| As I listened to David Mihelcic, CTO with the U.S. Defense Information
| Systems Agency talk about the benefits of open source on Federal News Radio's
| presentation of "Open Source Solutions - 2 Years In Review," I couldn't help
| but be impressed with just how far open source has come in the past decade.



Malware knocks Defense Department e-mail offline

,----[ Quote ]
| According to the Associated Press, the US Defense Department took
| 1,500 computers offline as the result of a cyber attack.


Navy CIO 'recognizes the importance of OSS to the warfighter'

,----[ Quote ]
| John Weathersby, executive director of the Open Source Software
| Institute, told Linux.com today that, effective immediately, the
| Department of the Navy has adopted a new policy which requires that
| open source software must be considered in every software
| acquisition the Navy makes.


State Department got mail and hackers

,----[ Quote ]
| A break-in targeting State Department computers worldwide last
| summer occurred after a department employee in Asia opened a
| mysterious e-mail that quietly allowed hackers inside the U.S.
| government's network.


The feds weigh in on Windows security

,----[ Quote ]
| "The benefits of this move are enormous: Common, secure configurations
| can help slow botnet spreading, can radically reduce delays in patching,
| can stop many attacks directly, and organizations that have made the
| move report that it actually saves money rather than costs money,"
| Paller wrote.

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