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[News] Free Software Enables Collaboration in Computing and Beyond

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Open source enables companies to collaborate

,----[ Quote ]
| Dave Neary gave me his speaking slot at OSiM USA. I have two challenges, make 
| a talk to fit his title and abstract (although you can almost always safely 
| ignore the abstract) and give a good talk in 20 minutes of time. Here are 
| some thoughts I have. (The title of the talk is Increasing Ecosystem 
| Collaboration through Open Source but I'll let Dave blog that talk.)    


InSTEDD Unveils Open Source Software Suite and Training Lab to Help Global
Humanitarian Sector Improve Disease Detection and Disaster Response

,----[ Quote ]
| InSTEDD (Innovative Support to Emergencies, Diseases and Disasters) today 
| unveiled three new open source software tools and its first training lab, all 
| designed to improve early detection, preparedness and response capabilities 
| against global threats. InSTEDD empowers humanitarian organizations, local 
| communities, and government ministries by filling a collaboration gap through 
| sustainable innovation – a unique and effective combination of user-centered 
| design, software development, and on-the-job training.       



Open Collaboration within Corporations Using Software Forges

,----[ Quote ]
| Over the past 10 years, open source software has become an important
| cornerstone of the software industry. Commercial users have adopted it in
| standalone applications, and software vendors are embedding it in products.
| Surprisingly then, from a commercial perspective, open source software is
| developed differently from how corporations typically develop software.
| Research into how open source works has been growing steadily [1]. One driver
| of such research is the desire to understand how commercial software
| development could benefit from open source best practices. Do some of these
| practices also work within corporations? If so, what are they, and how can we
| transfer them?

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