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[News] Little Blue Linux Debuts

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MPC Data and Renesas Little Blue Linux development kits

,----[ Quote ]
| MPC Data and Renesas Technology Europe have announced the Little Blue Linux 
| range of professional embedded Linux software development kits (SDK’s). 
| The first Little Blue Linux Professional SDK targets the popular low-cost 
| RSK+7203 development kit from Renesas Technology Europe. Featuring a high 
| performance 200MHz SH7203 from Renesas’ SH-2A microcontroller family and 
| running the latest stable and royalty free Linux BSP and cross-development 
| tools from MPC Data, the evaluation board and SDK offers a painless 
| transition to embedded Linux.      


"There's a lot of Linux out there -- much more than Microsoft generally signals
publicly -- and their customers are using it..."

                --Paul DeGroot, a Directions On Microsoft analyst.


Renesas introduces µCLinux starter kit

,----[ Quote ]
| Renesas has introduced the µCLinux starter kit for the SH7670, a new device
| in its SH2A series. The module is equipped with Ethernet and USB 2.0
| (host/function) and it reaches 480MIPS processing power at a clock speed of
| 200MHz.


Renesas has Linux-based reference design for SH processor

,----[ Quote ]
| Renesas Technology has teamed with German company Emtrion to create a
| reference design for its SH7722 multimedia processors.
| The HiCO.SH7722 reference system consists of a carrier board and the
| CPU-core-module in SO-DIMM format. The CPU module contains, in addition to
| the processor, the respective memories, USB2.0 Host and Device interfaces and
| a 100Mbit Ethernet interface.



Renesas: microprocessor for battery-operated TFT-displays with Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Renesas announces availability of the SH7721 microprocessor for
| battery-operated devices that use TFT displays and feature-rich Linux user
| interfaces.  


Renesas MCU supported by Microcontroller-linux BSP

,----[ Quote ]
| MPC data?s Microcontroller-Linux board support package (BSP) and tool chain
| for Renesas? SH-2A based microcontroller, the SH7203, has been released.


Renesas adds Linux to SH7023 offering

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux is becoming increasingly popular for embedded applications, with the
| availability of open source software speeding time to market. Responding to
| this, Renesas has made a µCLinux board support package and toolchain
| available for its SH7203 processor.

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