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[News] Next Linux Speeds up Boot Time

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Kernel Log - What's new in 2.6.29: Part 8 - Faster start-up and other behind
the scenes changes

,----[ Quote ]
| Following the eighth pre-release version of 2.6.29, development of the next 
| major kernel revision looks to have hit the home straight. A glance at the 
| changed files and code makes it clear how hard the kernel hackers have been 
| working on 2.6.29, with more new lines of code added over the current 
| development cycle than ever before.    


On Configuring The Linux Kernel For Debugging

,----[ Quote ]
| The point of this “Learning Linux” blog is to discuss learning more about 
| Linux. In the next several blogs, at least, leading up to the training at the 
| Collaboration Summit, we will look at topics that will be addressed in one of 
| the training classes. To whet your appetite.   


Comux 001100 ( hey it's a palindrome! ) 



HyperSpace Adds ThinkFree: Fastest Booting Office Yet?

,----[ Quote ]
| Phoenix just announced a partnership with Haansoft to include the Java-based
| ThinkFree productivity suite in HyperSpace. This adds the ability to quickly
| boot up and jump right in to a full-featured, Microsoft Office-compatible
| toolset for documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Up till now, your only
| productivity suite option in HyperSpace was for a web-based service like Zoho
| Office or Google Docs.


DEMO 09: Boot Faster, Manage the Cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| First up will be Xandros Presto, which brings an "instant on" feature to
| Windows systems. I've seen many alternative environments on laptops that boot
| very quickly - in seconds rather than the minutes it often takes Windows to
| boot - but typically these are systems that are tied to specific hardware
| and/or have to be installed by the system maker. Presto is different because
| it's a $19.95 application that works on any Windows laptop.

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