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[News] Internet 'Police State' Assisted by Passiveness, Obedience

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Internet body labels IRMA legal threat ‘spurious’

,----[ Quote ]
| The recent threat of legal action from Irish music industry body IRMA to 
| Irish ISP’s that do not comply to the same ‘three strikes’ terms as Eircom, 
| has been labelled as “spurious” by the Internet Service Providers Association 
| of Ireland (ISPAI).   
| Paul Durrant, general manager of the ISPAI, said there is “no evidence of 
| wrong doing” on the part of Irish internet service providers (ISPs). 
| IRMA’s letter, received last month by ISPs across Ireland, asked these 
| companies to follow Eircom in removing customers found to be illegally 
| accessing copyright material. The letter stated that this request is in 
| accordance with Irish and European law.   


Obama Continues Bush-Era Extremism on Liberties, Secrecy

,----[ Quote ]
| Democrats in Congress and much of the political left have been silent or 
| nearly so despite the evidence. You expect cowardice from Congress, which 
| spent the Bush presidency in a perpetual bent-over posture. The Netroots 
| folks who did so much to elect Obama should be screaming bloody murder by 
| now. Too few are even slightly audible. A shame.    


White House Declares Copyright Treaty State Secret



Obama Administration Claims Copyright Treaty Involves State Secrets?!?

,----[ Quote ]

| When the Obama administration took over, there was a public stance that this
| administration was going to be more transparent -- especially with regards to
| things like Freedom of Information Act requests. The nonprofit group
| Knowledge Ecology International took that to heart and filed an FOIA request
| to get more info on ACTA. The US Trade Representative's Office responded
| denying the request, saying that the information was "classified in the
| interest of national security pursuant to Executive Order 12958." This is a
| treaty about changing copyright law, not sending missiles somewhere. To claim
| that it's a national security matter is just downright scary. As KEI points
| out, the text of the documents requested have been available to tons of
| people, including more than 30 governments around the world and lobbyists
| from the entertainment industry, pharma industry and publishing industry.


ACTA: questions in the European Parliament

,----[ Quote ]
| Whether the European Parliament will be able to scrutinise ACTA -
| Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement -  is the topic of an oral question
| tabled for the March session of the European Parliament.  The question, from
| Swedish MEP Jens Holm , asks whether the final draft of  of any forthcoming
| agreement will be published by the Council before final agreement and whether
| the  European and national Parliaments will be able to scrutinise the text. A
| third question asks that the Council should not agree and rubber stamp the
| ACTA during the Parliament's recess for the elections.


ACTA: An Attack on Common Sense?

,----[ Quote ]
| James Love has published some details about the current ACTA negotiations.
| Copyright ideologues have been (successfully) pushing for extreme legislation
| for several years.  Each time new legislation is passed, it is only a
| stepping stone towards even more extreme legislation.  Any reasonable person
| picked up from the 70s and dropped in the 00s would be stunned by how
| completely copyright ideology has infected the legislative process.   Indeed,
| by germinating in international fora, it subverts the process.  Copyright
| ideologues use international treaties to enforce or extend domestic
| legislation, bypassing local legislatures and then requiring them to enact
| the provisions.  Any time anyone objects about the disparity between the
| ideology and reality, they are slapped down with “International Obligations”.

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