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[News] Firefox 3.5 Just 3 Months Away and Looks Good Already

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Mozilla hangs fire on Firefox 3.5 till June

,----[ Quote ]
| A limited number of release candidates for Firefox 3.5 will be released 
| before the final version of the software comes out, probably in around "two 
| to three" months, Mozilla evangelist Chris Blizzard posted last Friday.  


Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 - Superb is too modest

,----[ Quote ]
| You all probably know that Firefox is my favorite browser. It is fast, stable 
| and extensible. It is also quite safe. And it looks good, too. Finally, you 
| may also have heard that Firefox 3.1, the latest version of this phenomenal 
| browser, is coming out soon, promising a revolution in usability and speed. 
| In fact, Beta 3 has been publicly released just a few days ago.     
| [...]
| Firefox 3.1 is everything you expected - and then some. It's going to be a 
| blast. It's faster, it's more compliant, it has improved privacy, and a range 
| of new features that make a great product into a greater one. Audio and video 
| tags are particularly interesting, as they open a world of new possibilities 
| when it comes to Web and what it means to us. Throw in a whole bunch of 
| excellent extensions and the options are virtually limitless.      



Mozilla confirm next Firefox will be version 3.5

,----[ Quote ]
| In response to suggestions by developers, the much delayed Firefox 3.1 is to
| become Firefox 3.5 to reflect the "increased scope" of browser's next update.
| The notes from the Firefox developers say that the forthcoming beta 3 will
| still be shipped as Firefox 3.1 while the developers update their tools to
| switch to the new version number.


Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 now available for download

,----[ Quote ]
| Please note: Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 is a public preview release intended for
| developer testing and community feedback. It includes many new features as
| well as improvements to performance, web compatibility, and speed. We
| recommend that you read the release notes and known issues before installing
| this beta.

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